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Benefits of 94v-0 Circuit Boards


• Security Risks Will Be Greatly Reduced

• Make Your Equipment Less Prone To Failure

• Replacement Cost Is Greatly Reduced

• Minimize The Cost Due To Malfunction Or Dangerous Equipment

UL Certification

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94V-0 Circuit Board - The Ultimate Guide Is Here

In a nutshell, the 94V-0 Circuit boards are defined as circuits inscribed on PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) that have met the UL 94V-0 flammability test.

Such circuits are ideal for manufacturing rugged electronic devices, and devices that can sustain high environmental stress.


You might wonder: but is that all there is about the 94V-0 circuit boards? What are they?

Why should I choose them over conventional PCBs?

Where to find a reliable PCB Supplier?

How can they be relevant in my current electronic project(s)?

Is it possible to order one now (if I need it)?

Well, to get answers to these questions, you might consider a cup of cappuccino as we explore these fascinating boards together.

It won't take long, I promise.

Let's begin with the apparent worry:

1、So, What Are 94V-0 Circuits?

As I had defined before, these are conventional circuits that printed on PCBs with a specific UL 94v-0 flammability test. So, primarily, these are standard circuits; they only differ from the ordinary circuits for attaining some alien “UL 94V-0 Flammability test”.  


This undefined test begs for our next question:

2、What Is The "UL 94V-0 Flammability Test"?

The need to have powerful, rugged devices that can be useful in hardship areas (like in wet or fiery environments) has continuously inspired circuit engineers to think more of evaluating the materials to print PCBs.


This quest has continually pushed circuit manufacturers to manufacture device circuits that claim to brave such stresses like fire from the environment or from within the circuit itself.




But with increased competition and production, came an inevitable need to test the ability of different manufacturers. In a sense, there was a growing need to determine a framework that could grade the evaluation of different PCB materials.


Owing to this need the UL 94 flammability test emerged at about 2004 by an American electronics company known as The Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The trial could rate different materials of their ability to withstand fire.


Currently, it is listed with critical international standards like the IEC 60695-11-20 of 2015, and ISO 9772 and ISO 9773.


94v-0 circuit board.jpg


Table 1: Image courtesy of F2 Labs


The UL 94V-0 was the best flammability rating that given to materials that tolerated vertical burning. As by the standards, 94V-0 circuit boards are PCBs that could stop burning within 10 seconds after being subjected to vertical combustion.


More about the UL 94 ratings are as shown in table 1 above.​

3、Awesome Properties Of 94V-0 PCBs

        1. Almost non-flammable: Because such boards are made of materials that are highest rated in the UL 94 flammability test, they not easily flammable.


        2. Are standardized to accommodate conventional electronic components: these boards are also standardized to allow developers to mount modern electronic components easily.


        3. With improved PCB designing, they can minimize the space taken to produce large circuits by overlaying layers of copper linings and insulating materials.

4、Why You Need 94V-0 Circuit Board?

If you were keen on the previous chapter, I had highlighted that the 94V-0 circuits are made of the best-rated PCB materials. Now, as an engineer and a prospective seller of electronics, I bet you are seeking to sell an electronic that is going to perform as much as it will appeal.


Because of this, knowing that your circuit will be very tolerant to environmental fire is already enough to thrill you.


But you might think like: “…Hey buddy, look, I am just going to produce a smart bulb with LEDs. How on earth are bulbs going to be in hot environments? You see? Surely, this thing doesn’t apply in my scenario.”


Well, here is a little episode, tell me if such a story rings a bell in your past experiences:


94V-0 02.png


You went shopping for a simple electronic (say a power extension or a bright bulb) in your favorite electrical/electronics' shop. You spotted an excellent and cheaper option of the gadget.


So, you chose it and swiped your card or phone at the cashier and off you went to test it. Getting home, you felt excited to check your new gadget. So, you power it.


The device works just fine for some time. But after a while, your device explodes as though touched by unseen hell fire leaving your device burnt and deformed. You, on the other hand, became both worried and scared.


And then you headed back to the shop, bought a new one and the explosion repeats.


Tell me, how would you feel about it? Let me guess: you would feel so excited after such an experience that you would recommend the product to your friends, right? I doubt it.


Such an experience would drive you bananas over the particular electronic brand. You are likely to become the unofficial ambassador of campaigning against a brand.


Now, think about it from the producer's view. How would you feel if your product generates negative reviews from its inability to tolerate fire? That would hinder your sales and in turn, affect your business negatively.


Without the 94V-0 rating on circuits, PCBs do not just burn; they become deformed. It is the main reason as to why you need to strive for your PCB to be 94V-0 rated before you can go into large-scale productions.

5、Applications Of 94V-0 Circuit Board

As I had noted before, these circuits are the most recommendable circuits to manufacturers of rugged devices. Within professionals, such devices are widely used in the consumer industry to produce high-quality devices that can be used in:


       a. Professions where the failure of a gadget could be fatal. For instance when producing circuit boards for gadgets that will be used in hospitals or the military.


       b. Professions that are susceptible to accidents, e.g., and devices used by the military, civil engineers, and carpenters among other like jobs, most of these devices are often "military level" or simply "rugged" devices.tr


94V-0 circuit board.png


In recent times, these circuit boards have become increasingly popular and are used to develop other consumer gadgets that are required to keep functioning even amid fire outbreaks.


One such proper application has been the adoption of 94V-0 boards in making CCTV cameras that can be useful during fire outbreak emergencies to direct people trapped in such places.

6、One Last Piece Of Good News Is That

As WellPCB, we have been in the industry of manufacturing advanced circuit boards for over ten years. We have invested a considerable amount of time and finances in researching about PCBs.


Our products are top-notch, and most of them are tested to meet the 94V-0 rating of the UL 94 flammability standards.


We do accept all forms of customized PCBs. Because we take pride in our customer support qualities, we will always be available to guide you in choosing what is best for your project.


Please, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page in case you do need some helping hand concerning PCBs with 94V-0 ratings. We will offer you quality circuits at very competitive pricing. Don't you believe this?


Well, why can’t you provide us an invoice here now? We will let you see the difference after that.

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