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IRF3205: A Guide through the N-Channel MOSFET Datasheet

In today’s post, we will be going through the IRF3205 datasheet to learn about the basics of IRF3205. Therefore, we will discuss some aspects that include its applications, features, advantages, pinouts, and many others we will encounter. Moreover, international Rectifiers manufacture the advanced HEXFET power MOSFET IRF3205. It further ensures the implementation of hi-tech processing solutions that yields low thermal resistance.

Generally, a power MOSFET acts as a switch, and as a result, it regulates the current flow and voltage flow between the drain and source. 

1. IRF3205 MOSFET Overview

An IRF3205 is a high-current N-channel MOSFET model. Often, they can switch currents up to a level of 55 Volts and 110 Amperes. Then, a special feature of the IRF3205 includes a low ON-resistance that makes it easily applicable in switching circuits such as in speed controllers, boost converters, to mention a few. What’s more, an IRF3205 is a cheap MOSFET and in high supply from the manufacturers. Despite the 55V and 110A, an on/off control system with embedded controllers may not work efficiently with the IRF3205 because of the high threshold voltage. Hence, you may use a different MOSFET, that is, an IRF540N.

2. Features of IRF3205

An IRF3205 possesses the following features.

  • A minimum gate threshold voltage of 2V,
  • A rise time of 101ns,
  • Commonly available in a TO-220 package,
TO-220 package

(TO-220 package).

  • A low On-resistance of 8.0mΩ,
  • An N-channel power MOSFET,
  • A gate-to-source voltage (VGS) that is ± 20V,
  • A continuous drain current (ID) at 110A (when the VGS is at 10V),
  • A drain-to-source breakdown voltage at 55V, 
  • A pulsed drain current at 390A,
  • Commonly applicable with a power switching circuit, 
  • A 200W power dissipation level at 25°C,
  • Operating temperature at -55 to 125°C,
  • An avalanche current of 62A,
  • A linear derating factor of 1.3 W/°C,
  • Repetitive avalanche energy at 20 mJ dv/dt, and 
  • A peak diode recovery dv/dt at 5.0 V/ns.  

3. Pin arrangement

The pinout arrangement of a MOSFET IRF3205 is as shown in the diagram below; 

The pinout arrangement of a MOSFET IRF3205 is as shown in the diagram below; 
TO-220 package with a pinout arrangement

(TO-220 package with a pinout arrangement).

4. IRF3205 parameters




Alternatives for the MOSFET are IRFB4110, IRF1405, IRF3305, IRFB3077, IRFZ44N, and IRF1407.  

In addition, the other options for N-channel MOSFETS are 2N7000, IRF540N, and FDV301N. 

7. Advantages

An IRF3205 further has several advantages, most of which we have mentioned below. 

  • First, it is reliable since you can have it wave-soldered.
  • Then, it meets the product qualification following JEDEC specifications.
  • Also, the planar cell structure is optimum for a wide SOA (Safe Operating Area).
  • Moreover, the silicon component has an optimization that favors applications switching below 100kHz.
  • What’s more, the whole power package meets the industry standard.
  • Even better, it is readily available from distribution partners.
  • Lastly, the package can carry a high current, i.e., up to a current of 195A, die-size dependent. 
IRF3205--a transistor

(a transistor).


The wide variety of applications where you can use the IRF3205 MOSFET include;

IRF3205--power supply with MOSFET transistors

(power supply with MOSFET transistors).

  • In choppers, i.e., in the industry,
  • In motor speed controllers – automotive industry,
  • Switching applications,
  • In solar inverters, and finally
  • In boost/DC-DC converters. 


In summary, using an IRF3205 MOSFET instead of a transistor can transform your electronic equipment operation effectively. The MOSFET is faster due to using a metal oxide despite the BJT transistor relying on the combination of the electric hole. Additionally, due to the fast-switching speed of the IRF3205 MOSFET, it will consume less power in its operation. 

Lastly, we do hope that you will incorporate IRF3205 in your next project while going through the above datasheet. Still, if in doubt or confusion, you may contact us on the same and we will help you without hesitation. 

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