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Sark 110: A Comprehensive Guide

Antenna analyzers measure the input impedance of various antenna systems in most radio electronics applications. It further troubleshoots, offers feedline performance, and fine-tunes any antenna analysis.  Our discussion today dwells on Sark 110, a type of antenna analyzer.  

What is Sark 110?

Sark-110 is a portable pocket-size antenna analyzer device of a new firmware version with an active-matrix, 3”-high-resolution display color. 

Despite its compact size, sark-100 has excellent accuracy in resolving inductive, capacitive, and resistive components frequency load of approximately 230MHz. Also, it is capable of complete vector measurement, and its accurate measurement covers a broad range of impedances. 

Sark 110 Characteristics

Sark-110 has several features/characteristics, most of which are in the list below;

  • First, it has an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes a devices simulator that can develop user applications. 
  • Secondly, it’s open to community-requested features, and its firmware upgrade is free for a lifetime. 
  • Also, SARK plots client software for Windows and uses the ZPLOTS-compatible format to export data to PCs for more analysis. 
  • Then, it has an internal two MB flash disk that stores firmware upgrades, configuration, screenshots, and measurements. 
  • Its circuit model function includes crystal, capacitor, inductor, transmission line, and an OSL calibration. 
  • Besides having a transmission line for subtracting and add, it also has automatic and manual positioning tracking markers. 
  • Moreover, it has high accuracy covering a broad range of impedances, and the sign of impedance is resolvable. 
  • Its operating modes are computer control, signal generator, multi-band, field mode, cable test (TDR), single frequency, smith chart, and scalar chart. 
  • Finally, it is a lightweight, pocket-size device made of a solid aluminum case and easily usable. 

Sark 110 Specifications

The table below summarizes sark 110 specifications.

Sark 110 Antenna Analyzer Application

Some of its typical applications include;

  • Cutting coaxial cable parameters to offer precise electrical lengths,
coaxial cable

(coaxial cable) 

  • Measuring coaxial cable losses,
  • Cable fault location,
  • Component test,
  • Impedance matching, and 
  • Checking and tuning antennas. 

Furthermore, during its use as an RF signal generator, you can apply it in;

  • Signal tracing,
  • Sensitivity tests, and 
  • Receiver calibration. 

Sark 110 Manual

Before using a sark110 analyzer, ensure you read through the precautions/user guidance on an operation. For example, we have;

  • Recharging sark110 before using it because it’s a battery-operated device.
  • Then, continuously update the firmware to the latest available version.
  • Also, when connecting sark110 to your computer, use the separate off-the-self micro-USB cable. 
micro-USB cable

(micro-USB cable)

Steps on operation 

  • Connect the device under test to the Sark110 test port at the top of the analyzer.
  • The micro-USB port at the bottom side of sark110 enables you to connect a computer for internal battery charging and communication. Often, the charging process automatically ends after the battery is full (approximately a 3.5-hour charge via USB).
  • So, turn on the unit by sliding the power switch button. Immediately it starts working; it will instantly enter a Scalar mode. Furthermore, you’ll have configuration settings and the operational mode stored in the internal memory and automatically preserved between sessions. 

How to change the operation mode

  • Begin by pressing the Menu button two times to access the operational mode. The step also causes a toggle between the operation mode and function menus. Next, use the up/down arrow buttons to pick up the required operational mode. 
  • Lastly, press the Return button to cancel the operation or Enter to proceed after validation.

Selecting a function

Again, press the menu button and proceed to the function menu. The function menu provides varied entry options like accessing to file function, changing the parameter to the plot, stop/start frequency, etc.

The return button cancels the procedure, while Enter button validates it. 

Change the settings

Get to the setup menu by pressing the setup button.

The return button cancels, whereas Enter button validates the procedure.

Change the run status.

Finally, by pressing the Run/Hold button, you’ll control the run status by stopping and resuming any time. 


To conclude, the design concept of the sark-110 antenna analyzer is such that it’s smaller than several mobile phones and often has a standalone operation. Besides its numerous features, it can offer HF/VHF impedance measurements for an amateur radio operator and RF experimenter.

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