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ATMega328P: A Detailed Explanation

The microchip or integrated circuit invention is one of the greatest discoveries. Thus, the majority of modern products today use microchip technology. One such example is the ATMega328P.  This article will help you understand how to use ATMEGA328P, its various features, pin configuration, and various areas of application.

What is an ATMega328P?

The ATMega328P is a single-chip microcontroller commonly used in Arduino products. It has a high performance and consumes low power, thus executing approximately 131 instructions. 

In brief, the high performance is due to its advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computer architecture (RISC). Thus, the microcontroller is effective in systems or devices that require low power and cost microcontrollers.

ATMega328P Diagram

ATMega328P Diagram

Source: Wikicommons

ATMega328P Pin Configuration

ATMega328P has 28 pins, where each pin serves various secondary functions. Below is a description of what each pin does.

ATMega328P Features

First, it has 6 Analog input pins, and its memory can go up to 32kb. Also, it has 2kb of SRAM and up to 1kb of EEPROM

Then, its clock speed stands at 16 MegaHertz, and it has a total of 14 I/O pins. 

Third, it operates at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees centigrade and a maximum temperature of 105 degrees centigrade. 

Fourth, it has two eight-bit and sixteen-bit timers.

Also, it’s an advanced RISC with 6 Pulse Width Modulation PWM) channels. 

Lastly, it operates at a minimum voltage of 1.8 D.C and a maximum of 5.5. 

How to use the ATMega328P

As you’d expect, the ATMega328P is just like any other microcontroller. First, it is necessary to program the controller by incorporating the right program in the controller’s Flash memory. 

After writing the program, the controller runs the code to get the right response.

ATMega328P Applications

ATMega328P: Arduino Nano Board

Arduino Nano Board

Source: Google’s Creative Commons

First, it’s used in Arduino Micro, Nano, and Uno boards. 

Also, it’s used in peripheral interface systems and display units.

Third, it’s a major component for making power regulators

Finally, engineers use it to construct embedded systems such as vending and coffee machines.

ATMega328P: A Power Regulator

A Power Regulator

Source: Wikicommons


  • What is the difference between ATMega328 and AtMega 328P?  

In terms of their architecture, ATMega 328P and ATMega328 are the same. However, ATMega328P consumes low power compared to ATMega328.

  • Can the ATMega 328P microcontroller be used without the Arduino board?  
ATMega328P: Arduino Uno board

Arduino Uno board

Source: WikicommonsTo achieve this, you’ll need two devices. Firstly, you’ll need a programmable device such as an Arduino board. Secondly, you’ll need the device you’ll use to do the programming (an external programmer). 


This article briefly describes the various features of the ATMega 328P. If you have any queries, you can contact us on our website.

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