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ATTINY45 Pinout: All You Need to Know About This Microcontroller

Nowadays, technology is focused on reducing size while improving efficiency. As a result, we see computers twice as small yet as powerful as those before them. With the help of microcontrollers, you can now place sensors almost anywhere.

The ATTINY45 microcontroller gives you more edge. This microcontroller is a favorite for its mini size and many functions. Additionally, it is highly affordable. 

Understanding the ATTINY45 pinout becomes more important. Next, you’ll learn all about this powerful IC and how to use it.

1. What is ATtiny45?

Attiny45 is among a set of power vs performance microcontrollers. You mostly find this IC among the ATTINYXX series from ATMEL studio 6.0, the Attiny45. The AVR microcontrollers also extend to the ATMEL Studio 7 for Windows10.

A typical ATtiny45 pinout alongside other ATMEL ICs

(A typical ATtiny45 pinout alongside other ATMEL ICs). 

2. ATTINY45 pinout Configuration

This high-performance 8-bit microcontroller has eight pins listed below.

3. The ATTINY45 Microcontroller Features

The microcontroller has a lot of features and specifications. However, we have listed a few of them.

  • The CPU runs on 8-bit AVR architecture.
  • The optimal operating voltage of the ATTINY45V is between +1.8V and +5.5V.
  • Its communication Interface uses a Master/Slave SPI software for controller programming.
  • Further, there is also the USI for connection with other microcontrollers.
  • ATTINY45 has four PWM channels.
  • The external oscillator calibration is 0-20MHz for the ATTINY45. On the other hand, it is 0-10MHz for ATTINY45V.
  • ATTINY controller flash memory clocks 10k write/erase cycles (4kbytes).
  • The CPU speed clocks 1 MIPS at 1MHz.
  • Also, the IC uses a watchdog timer programmable with another on-chip oscillator.
  • Finally, it has several power-saving modes, namely Power-down, IDLE, or ADC noise reduction.

4. ATTINY45 Replacement and Equivalents.

  • ATTINY2313
  • ATTINY85
  • ATTINY25
Another 8-bit AVR microcontroller ATTINY2123

(Another 8-bit AVR microcontroller ATTINY2123) 

5. Where to Use the ATtiny45 Microcontroller?

The ATTINY45 is an AVR controller utilized in logic-level application programs. For example, you find the MCU in application programs that use an Arduino IDE.

6. How to Use the ATTINY45 IC

Like others, the ATTINY45 controller uses application programs saved in memory to execute tasks. Therefore, it is necessary to program the microcontroller this way.:

  1. First, write a list of tasks for the controller to execute.
  2. Next, use an Arduino IDE to write the program code in a programming language. (IDE programs are available on company websites. However, the ATMEL STUDIO is most suitable for AVR controllers).
  3. When writing the code, use a compiler to remove errors.
  4. Afterward, generate a HEX file with the IDE.
  5. Save this HEX file in the controller’s flash memory containing the program machine code.
  6. Next, choose a suitable programming device to communicate between ATTINY45 and a PC. In this case, SPI programmers go well with AVR controllers. Arduino boards, however, are a good option.
  7. Run the program and select the correct hex file.
  8. Subsequently, burn the active HEX file written programs contained in the flash memory.
  9. Finally, disconnect the programming device. Then, connect the controller peripherals to start the system.
An Arduino Uno microcontroller image

(An Arduino Uno microcontroller image).

7. Applications

The ATTINY45 are popular microcontrollers used in several applications. For example;

  • Development boards.
  • Drivers.
  • SMPS and Power Regulation applications.
  • Additionally, Attiny45 is used in measuring and controlling analog input signals.
  • Peripheral Interface systems.
  • In mobile embedded systems such as vending machines and coffee machines.
  • Lastly, visual display units like LCDs.
An LCD screen

(An LCD screen).


The ATTINY45 IC is a 10-bit 8-pin microcontroller with an analog-to-digital converter. Also, it has timers for counting, alongside many other features. It is a preferred choice for projects because it is small and cheap.

However, do you wish to see how the ATTINY45 works yourself? Or are you already working on a project that requires an ATTINY45? Professional advice and assistance are here. Contact our experts today.

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