10 Best Websites for Electrical Engineering Students

Another academic year just started, a lot of excited young engineers have chosen Electrical field as a major of their engineering path, it could be sometimes difficult to find tutorials, projects, and courses suited to your needs that also are affordable. Well, thanks to the internet, nothing is difficult to find nowadays. On our WellPCB blog, we tried to collect the best ten websites for students of Electrical engineering major, in order to make it easier for you, saving hundreds of useless clicks, effort and time. Where you can find many topics related to your studies, courses, projects or even weekly/monthly magazines to keep you always updated, so let’s start our university year together!  

Electrical Engineering Another academic year just started. Many excited young engineers have chosen the Electrical field as a major of their engineering path; it could sometimes be difficult to find tutorials, projects, and courses suited to your needs that also are affordable. Well, thanks to the internet, nothing is difficult to find nowadays. On our WellPCB blog, we tried to collect the best ten websites for Electrical Engineering primary students to make it easier for you, saving hundreds of useless clicks, effort, and time. You can find many topics related to your studies, courses, projects, or even weekly/monthly magazines to keep you constantly updated, so let’s start our university year together!  

Electrical Engineering–Instructables

Learn to do it yourself! (DIY), this should be the motto of this great website with hundreds of projects made by the users; it was created by the mechanical engineer Eric Wilhelm and launched in August 2005.

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Instructables is dedicated to a step-by-step collaboration between members to create various projects, especially for engineering students. Users publish instructions for their projects, usually accompanied by helpful media, codes, and interact through the comments section below at each step of the project as in the forums.

For example, you can find projects that even explain how to Control ANY Light or Electrical Appliance with Arduino!

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The “Let’s make things” section allows you to search for the projects on the site according to the category they belong to.

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Register for free at the site and go to the “Write an instructable” section to share your project. Then you are going to be one of the Instructables family!

Also, you can view the various projects directly from the smartphone through the application available in multiple stores.

EEP-Electrical Engineering Portal

This a very nice website and you should add it to your bookmarks, for what it could offer for an electrical engineer in more than 50 categories like:

Cables, Electrical Lectures, Transmission and Distribution, Smart Grid, Electronics, Geothermal Energy, Lighting, Solar Power, Transformers, Environment, Industrial Automation, Hydropower, IEC Standards, High Voltage, Low Voltage, Maintenance, Renewable Energy, Monitoring, Protection and safety and even more!

Plus offering an extensive Engineering Literature library, where you can read and download many books and guides related to electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism fields.

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Moreover, the most precious gift of this fantastic website is called EE Tools for both ungraduated and graduated engineers who need to simulate, test, and calculate; MS Excel Spreadsheets is one of the best daily assistants you can use daily. For your electrical projects and all for free!


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Founded by MIT in Boston and Harvard University, edX is a platform that provides free courses and recently, in collaboration with Google, created the mooc.org portal to become the enormous MOOC container. Institutions work together to create a global online learning community that is free for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. EdX aims to improve the traditional residential model of university education on both campuses through online educational content, supporting many experimental online teaching methods. The technology platform offers online versions of MITx, HarvardX, BerkeleyX, UTx, and many other universities courses based on video lessons, assessments, tests, quizzes, where you can get immediate feedback with the institution, student assessments, online labs, with the possibility of obtaining certified certificates of honor.

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By collecting educational content from numerous universities on one site, you and others students from all over the world can access courses at any university using educational tools shared by all participating universities. The aim is to create an online community of young students and start research on new teaching methods and technologies: anyone in the world can register and need to connect to the Web.

In June 2012, more than 1.5 million people registered for online courses through Coursera, Udacity, and edX. About a year later, in March 2013, According to the Babson Survey Research Group, enrollment in online courses increased by 29% between 2010 and 2013 to reach a total of over 6.7 million.

Electrical Engineering–Makezine

Digital artisans, or makers, are a contemporary cultural movement that extends the traditional technological base of the DIY world. Among the common interests of digital artisans are engineering works, such as electronic equipment, robotic creations, devices for 3D printing, and numerical control equipment. More current activities include metalworking, woodworking, traditional craftsmanship, open technologies such as Arduino, 3D printing, and spaces that promote sharing like FabLab.

The consecration of the Maker Movement first in the USA,  counterculture of digital craftsmanship is very much linked to the movement of open source code applications. Its supporters believe that their culture can be the basis for new technological and productive innovation processes, emerging from below and with small-scale effects. The re-use of results, thanks to the adoption of free licenses(open source), could allow triggering significant virtuous impact, in which ever-growing communities of artisans experiment with new approaches to production based on low-cost technologies, even on a tiny scale or for a single sample, up to foreshadow a new industrial revolution.

The campaign expresses through annual events, the Maker Faire, organized by the monthly Make. First held in 2006, the event attracted an audience of over 65,000 visitors each year.

As an electrical engineer, this magazine would help you out to find your First or next DIY project, to keep you monthly updated on the tech world, and even writing your thesis, maybe also one day you would like to join a maker fair with your project and team, why not?


It is another fantastic webpage where you can find the latest engineering-related news and articles from around the world.

With a vibrant menu covering various engineering areas: Designer Edge, CAD/CAE, PLM/ERP, Manufacturing Electronics, 3D Printing, BIM, Education IoT, Hardware, AR/VR.

They also offer free Informative Webinars Access live and recorded webinars presented by industry experts, plus access to technical papers and videos for engineers.

Engineering.com also provides with a very excellent job and internships Search engine, and recently the Project Board section, where you can efficiently work and update your ideas, designing, creating a team, join engineering challenges and get sponsored “The place for STEM minds to share ideas, take action and solve problems, big and small.”

Electrical Engineering–Electrical Engineering Tour

Not just websites, there is also this blog between your hands, which offer you this wide range of articles and lessons, taking you on tour among the electrical engineering various topics like:

Engineering Formulas, Radar, Communication, Antenna | Cables, Circuit Breaker, CMOS, Communication, Control System, Conversion Table Current transformer and Voltage transformer, Electrical Machine, Electrical power distribution, Electrical Power System, Electrical Tutorials, Electromagnetic field, Sensors, transmission and distribution, Wireless industry and motor parts tutorials; plus 86 electrical tutorials and electrician’s exams continually updated!

With a free download (related E-books and Pdfs) option!

Electronics Weekly Magazine

ElectronicsWeekly.com is one of the world-leading magazines for electrical and electronics professionals and students, which you have added to your wallet; Electronics Weekly was created first in the UK in 1960. Moreover, it has been an excellent source to keep many engineering students worldwide updated on the electronics industry for more than 55 years.

Here you can find the most updated technology news, all the initiated electronic products, and designs. You can also find it for free, especially when it comes to qualified electronics professionals who will provide you with news, analysis, and all the business news and updates.

It is not just a search portal, but you can also find the information needed via blogs. The users of this portal can search for the newest products and purchase the products from authorized and qualified electronics manufacturers.

Electrical Engineering–ETRICAL(etrical.wordpress.com)

On this webpage, you can find the methods that develop electricity by pointing out how it is essential for the development of the countries. This webpage is designed and aligned for people who are curious about learning more about electrical power, energy systems, high voltage, and the methods of generating electricity.

Power Electrical & high voltage engineering web portal. It belongs to those interested in power, electrical, high voltage, and energy systems engineering, and you are most welcome to share your knowledge.

When it comes to the power generation section, the focus of the countries is essential. The way the kinetic power turns into electric energy. When it comes to hydropower, you can find information about the affordable and environmentally friendly way it could get.

The most knowledge of this webpage is dedicated to several sections that are conveniently designed and presented.

Electrical Engineering and Technology(Electrical4u)

The following free electrical engineering study site that could welcome you all is Electrical4u.com. This webpage was prepared for all the people who belong to the electrical field by experienced design engineers.

You can see this site as help that you need to have about the topics that cover the basics of engineering up until advanced issues related to Electrical Engineering and Technology.

This webpage is perfectly suitable. And has a significant role in getting to know theoretical as well as practical knowledge from the basic till the most advanced techniques used nowadays by electricians around the world explaining very detailed explanation the power system (generation transmission, distribution) switchgear and protection giving also a very high-quality material about Circuits theories and Electrical Laws.

Here, you will be able to develop your mind and learn to engineer from textbooks.

Offering a charming five helpful tools which you are going to use through your career as an electrical engineer student, such as:

-Resistor Color code which you can use whenever you need to read the value of a resistor in seconds.

– Ohm’s Law Calculator: You can put the Voltage and Current values to obtain the value of the resistor needed or vice versa.

– Voltage Divider Calculator:  A voltage divider is a circuit made up of several passive components (Resistors most of the time) on which the applied voltage is distributed. By extracting the voltage from the ends of only one of the components, get a lower voltage.

The formula for calculating the output voltage is based on Ohms Law, and on this website, you can easily calculate it by inserting the (voltage source, two resistances values).

* More info about Voltage divider could be found here:


– Parallel Resistor Calculator: when the resistances are in parallel, the reciprocal of the equivalent resistance is equal to the sum of the joint of the individual resistances; when the resistances are in series, the equivalent resistance is similar to the sum of the only opposition. And you can do it all by hand or using this tool if you are lazy today!

– Transformer Calculator: single-phase, three-phase all you need is here.

One of the critical components of this webpage is that it is written and designed most simply and understandably, and it is also written in a straightforward English language. You can use this web page to reference all your current and future work in engineering and technology.

This site covers sections such as Engineering Articles, Competitive MCQs, various helpful videos, and last. Still, it has access to the Engineering community that you might need for any discussions and related topics.


Electronics-Wisc is another fantastic site that could be useful and give you some hand with any electronics topics. This webpage has its unique object that focuses on making students’ lives as easy and successful as it gets. You can make sure that those award-winning learning objects have given a hand to several students over the several years, since 1999.

This page makes everything easy and comfortable because the designers have been trying to fit the information into small, easy sections for the users to understand. You can easily choose what you want to search for and what you want to learn about this field, and you can do it anywhere in the world.

These practical and efficient learning methods have been expanding interactive knowledge and technical skills. These methods have also been designed to increase problem-solving skills and creativity in initiating new ideas, which you will implement by the workforce training.

This approach that has been successful world widely has earned two NSF-ATE Learning Objects in manufacturing grants which brings this page and way of thinking to another level.

Moreover, year by year, it increased its number of awards in different fields. Starting from 2010, Wisc-Online has improved education by letting the users create their profiles and search for any learning objects they are interested in, which further lets them also communicate with other users’ comments and forums. Since that time, the number of users of the Wisc-Online was expanded, reaching beyond 1.5 million people.

It is just like using other social network portals but additionally gaining knowledge. You can easily reach out to people, rate and discuss learning objects, comment, and select the categories that interest you. In this way, you can use your profile and post them on social media accounts and earn badges reaching that educational benchmarks.

Nowadays, this learning portal has maintained a reputation for keeping effective learning management systems, modern design, and developed learning applications.

You can reach out to experts in health, math, electrical technology, industry, general education by using the created profiles that have proved to be helping users earn higher scores, higher grades and improve their knowledge in the easiest best way possible. 

Electrical Engineering–Conclusion

In this article, we wanted to make sure that you are aware of more than one electronics portal that will make your lives as easy as it gets. Since the beginning, this article is mainly constructed and written for you and your convenience.

This article offers you, the readers, and freedom to explore more sites and articles that generally can make your studies and work exciting and knowledgeable. By going through this edition, you will come across the needed information about ten specific web pages about different fields of your engineering studies and allow you to communicate with your peers and several qualified engineers via your profile accounts, which can assure you with the right and proper knowledge.

We believe that we took some time to gather this information for you to respond to your needs. This article will help you to survive in the chaos of tons of web pages out there that you waste your time by strolling up and down.

Moreover, if you are still curious, we hope that we can satisfy your curiosity. So here we collected a variety of articles and topics about PCB (Printed circuit board) manufacturers (PCB, PCB Assembly, and FLEX-PCB)as you are going to use them as a young and professional engineer, so you can learn how to create them with us or let us help you to order them!

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