PCB Mounting Feet-Easily Install Guidance It’s Here

PCB mounting feet play a vital role in the installation of the motherboard. It prevents the motherboard from coming in contact with the casing of the computer too many times. It is placed beneath the motherboard such that it bars the lower side of the printed circuit board from coming into contact with the inner side of the computer casing.

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1.How to install PCB Mounting Feet

The first thing you need to note before commencing installing PCBs mounting feet is the location where the mounting feet are going to be installed. It is also necessary to ensure that your computer’s casing has threaded screw holes that enable the case to accommodate different types of circuit board configurations. When installing PCBs Mounting feet, ensure that the mounting feet you screw in are best suited to the PCB and that it fits in perfectly.

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To decide on the threaded hole to screw, you need to mount the PCB onto the case and observe the alignment of the screw holes along the holes on the interior of the case. On each screw hole, you need to make a mark using a sharpie or a marker (felt tip). This needs to be done with a lot of precaution to avoid making marks on the motherboard. After completing and ensuring that all screw holes have spots, remove the motherboard from the case and install the PCBs mounting feet. Using pliers when making the installation is highly recommended as it attaches the standoffs tightly.  

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When securing the standoffs, you also need to ensure that you do not overtighten them. The use of adhesives is not allowed due to the chemicals and heat used in the procedure.

2.Useful Tips for Motherboard Installation

After ensuring that all the standoffs are held in place, return the motherboard in position in the case and provide the holes are well aligned before fastening the screws. Do not over-fasten the screws to avoid stripping out of threads on the lower side of the standoff. Also, be keen when inserting the screw; you should not force them in because this may make it an uphill task when you will want to remove them later. Using too much force may also destroy the motherboard.

3.Reasons why you should use PCB Mounting feet

PCBs mounting feet is important because it prevents contact between components attached to the lower side of the Contact between the two may cause damage to the motherboard. The PCB’s mounting feet raise the motherboard, ensuring no contact with the case and facilitating the excellent circulation of air between the two.

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