WellPCB High-end PCB Manufacturing Service

  • Standard, Advanced, HDI, Multilayer PCBs, Flexible, Rigid-Flex PCBs, Aluminum PCBs; Prototype to Small Batch
  • Rigorous Testing and Fully Compliant with IPC Standard
  • Online Instant Quote and Ordering System; Easy, Convenient, Time-saving

PCB Manufacturing

  • Materrial:
    FR4, High TG FR4, Halogen Free Material, CEM-3, Rogers HF Materail,Aluminum.
  • Min.Contour Tolerance:
    + / -0.1mm
  • Layer Counts:
    2-36 Layers
  • Min.Finished Diameter of PTH Hole:
    + / -0.1mm
  • Finished Copper Thichness:
    0.5-5 OZ
  • Max.Board Thickness/Hole Ratio:
  • Finished Board Thickness:
  • Min.Solder Mask Bridge:
    4mil (Min,SMT Pad Space 8mil)
  • Min.Line/Track Width:
  • Min.Legend(Silkscreen) Track Width:
  • MIN.Drilling Slot Size:
  • Surface Treatment:
    Leaded HASL, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Gold, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver, etc.
  • Solder Mask Color:
    Green, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, and Matt, etc.
  • Other Technology:
    Gold Finger,Peelable Mask, Non-across Blindried Vias, Characteristic Impedance Control, Riged-flex Board etc.
  • Solder Mask Hardness:
  • Legend/Silkscreen Color:
    White, Yellow, Black, etc.
  • Wrap and Twist:
  • Flammability:

PCB Manufacturing
Process / Technology

  • 1
    PCB Design and Layout
  • 2
    Production Prepare
  • 3
    Inner Layer Imaging
  • 4
    Inner Layer Etching
  • 5
    Inner Layer AIO
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
    Electroless Copper Deposition
  • 9
    Horizontal Electroly Plating
  • 10
    Outer Layer Imaging
  • 11
    Graphic Plating
  • 12
    Outer Layer Etching
  • 13
    Solder Mask
  • 14
    PCB Design and Layout
  • 15
    Surface Finish
  • 16
  • 17
    Surface Finishing Process
  • 18
    Electrical Testing
  • 19
    Final Visual Inspection(FQA FQC)
  • 20
    Package & Delivery

why us

PCB & PCBA One-Stop Service

  • In-house PCB Manufacturing
  • Original & Authentic Parts Procurement
  • Stencil and Assembly Services

Competitive Price

  • Our price is one of the most competitive in the world
  • Own factory with good cost control, no hidden cost in it
  • Accept T/T, cash, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.
  • Our two factories have price support for different orders

On-Time Delivery

  • Common methods are DHL and FedEX, door-to-door service. Normal Shipping Time only 2-4 Days.
  • Cooperate with two transportation companies for many years with discounted prices
  • Anti-static+Moisture-Proof+Anti-Vibration Packaging; Inspection certificate
  • Professional agent To Iran, Pakistan

Quality Assurance

  • All products follow the IPC or UL Standards and the ROHS&REACH standards.
  • 98% customer positive evaluation and satisfaction
  • Standardized factory processes and management
  • Multiple testing services

Excellent Customer Service

  • Wellpcb always adheres to the principle of customer first and strives to provide customers with the most convenient, reliable and best after-sales service.

Return and Refund

  • In case our PCB is not usable due to our fault, you can ask for compensation.
  • We can refund to your account directly or rework the unusable boards or re-fabricate your PCB and re-ship to you at our cost, but please cooperate to solve the problem if need to rework.


PCB Factory Scale

PCB Manufacturing is focusing on small, medium volume and mass production orders.

WellPCB is capable of delivering over 10000 varieties monthly.

Very competitive price for the volume from 1 -100 square meters for you.


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Top Questions

1. What services do you offer?

Three basic PCB assembly services are offered, including PCB Fabrication, Consigned PCB Assembly, and Full Turnkey Service.

2. Is it possible to get stack-up drawings from you?

Yes, we have shared some of our standard stack-up drawings with you or even individual stack-up drawings meeting your special requirements.

3. Do you offer any discounts?

Our two factories have price support for different orders, especially multilayer boards and mass production.

4. Can you view and process Altium CAD data directly?

No, we generally work on the basis of Gerber file.

5. What if I am dissatisfied with PCBs from WELLPCB.com?

If you find any defects with the PCBs delivered, or if you feel dissatisfied with our products or services, please immediately let us know via [email protected], and we will respond within 24 hours. We will serve you until you are fully satisfied. We will either re-fabricate your PCB in case of defect or refund the full amount without needing to return the defective PCBs. You may also choose to credit your WELLPCB.com account and use the credit for future orders.