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The Home of High-Quality Circuit Boards and Assembly Services

It’s our pleasure to only produce solid and reliable PCBs.


At WellPCB, we pay apt attention to delivering top-notch PCB Assembly Turnkey and PCB fabrication services for you—our customers.

Hence, we don’t trade-off on our high-quality, prompt delivery and simple ordering, while we still stick closely to the lowest prices.

So, it’s no wonder that we have tons of customers making PCB orders every day—from across the globe. Plus, many product requests have given us the ability to deliver over 10,000 varieties every month.

If you want to place orders with a high turnover, please do so because we’re up to the task.

The table below shows the time it takes to get the different PCB layer orders delivered to your doorstep.

Layers1-2 Layers4-6 Layers8-12 Layers
Standard6 Days7 Days8-12 Days
Express48 Hours96 HoursContact Us
Crazy Express24 Hours72 HoursContact Us

Benefits of WellPCB

All Round PCB Services

  • Municipal PCB Fabrication
  • Our parts are 100 percent authentic
  • We handle Assembling and Ornament services

Unbelievable Prices

  • We deliver unbelievable prices globally
  • Production is 100 percent run by us
  • No hidden cost in our price quotations
  • We accept various payment gateways like PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit card, T/T, etc.
  • Both factories support various orders and prices

Speedy and Secured Delivery

  • We support standard shipping methods like DHL and FedEx
  • We also carry out door-to-door delivery.
  • Our average shipping time is usually between 2 – 4 days
  • We have an affiliation with two reliable logistics company and they run discounted prices for our clients
  • We run strict quality control before shipping goods
  • At need to know about ordering custom PCB Circuit boards online. FOR the PCB board you need, you can contact us at WellPCB, we've an inspection certificate that meets the following; Moisture-proof, Anti-static, and Anti-vibration
  • Our professional agent also ship goods to Pakistan and Iran

Proper Vetting and Guarantee

  • All our products pass the IPC or UL standards and REACH & ROHS standards
  • We attain at least 98 percent positive evaluation and satisfaction before shipping out the goods
  • We also run municipal factory processes and management
  • Our internal QC auditors run multiple testing on each product before they get shipped

Five-Star Custom Care

  • At PCB manufacturing technology and experience, helping many customers solve problems. If you are interested, you can visit our homepage. WellPCB, we believe in "Customer first." Hence, we strive to give you—our customers the most reliable, convenient, and quality after-sale service.

100 Percent Money-Back Guarantee

  • If you face any PCB factory error, you can ask for compensation.
  • In such scenarios, we can either refund your money back to you or repair the faulty boards and re-ship back to you at your cost. However, in any case, we'll always need your full cooperation.

quality assurance

Printed Circuit Board Certifications

Printed Circuit Board Certifications

Factory Scale



Sales Manager


Sales Manager

Hey, I am Emma, sales manager at WellPCB. I studied electronic science and technology at university and have served customers for PCB and PCB Assembly service for several years.

I enjoy communicating with customers and our technicians to solve problems, and customers always say, "It's great to have you onboard".

It is my pleasure and honour to be helpful. Contact me now, and you'll know.


Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Hi, I am Cassiel, the sales representative of WellPCB. I am in charge of the PCB Prototype and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services.

With good knowledge and strong interest in electricity, the area of specialization is to make quick turns from manufacturing to delivery according to customer's project requirements.

I am passionate about making customer's newest technologies into prototypes and pushing them to the market.


Sales Representive


Sales Representive

Hi, I am Bella, sales representative of WellPCB. I am responsible for PCB and PCB Assembly pre and after-sales services in my company.

With an extensive background in the electronics industry and rich sales experience, I will find an easy and quick way to get a practical approach to problem-solving and to improve your buying experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any requirements. Thank you.


Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Hi I'm Lisa, a sales representative of WellPCB,

I have been in the PCB industry for several years. It is my purpose to serve every customer with enthusiasm and integrity.

I will use my professional and effective communication to help you solve the problems encountered in PCB & PCBA projects.


Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Hey, I am Mandy, the sales representative at WellPCB. I am responsible for PCB Prototype and PCB Assembly services in WellPCB.

Customer satisfaction is the mission of my work, I enjoy helping our customers to solve PCB assembly issues and provide a good lead time.

Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you.


1. Do you have a UL code?


Yes, our UL code is E314500; you can verify this code here.



2. Do you offer a custom layer stack up?


We usually use standard layer stack-up; if you need to customize or have special requirements (layers, special material, thickness, etc.), please send your requirements to [email protected]; our sales team will help.


3. Can you handle controlled impedance requirements?


Yes. Our Standard PCB service offers an impedance control option. You may submit the order on the PCB Quote page, make a note for your requirement is okay. Or you can directly send the Gerber file and requirements to [email protected].


4. What is the expected lead time for a PCB?


Our lead time for prototype circuit boards is 5-7 days and 7-12 working days for mass production. We can do expedited service if needed.


5. Can you perform an X-ray inspection after assembly?


After assembly, we can launch an X-ray test on QFN, LGA, BGA, and other components that have bottom pads. The extra cost will be charged for the assembly test.


6. What if I have a problem with my boards? Do you offer rework?


Please send high res images of your boards to [email protected] for evaluation. Once confirmed our side causes the issue, we’ll accept responsibility and repair your boards.


7. What are your capabilities of PCB fabrication?


We have the capabilities of manufacturing most of the PCBs for our customers. If you find your PCBs need special processing or you are not sure if we have the ability to produce or not, please contact us at [email protected] for an answer, attaching your Gerber files and all other files or drawings for us to assess whether we can do or not. For the full list of our PCB Capabilities, please refer to Capabilities.