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pcb factory

We have two new industrial buildings with about 15,000 square meters with brand new automated equipment from Israel, Japan, Germany, and Taiwan.

The output for 2-10 layers is up to 300,000 square feet per month. The combined Jiangmen and Shenzhen facilities have proved to meet all our customer’s requirements from prototype to mass production. Specially designed for small to medium mass production volumes.

pcb assembly factory

We have two PCB assembly factories, one in Shijiazhuang, one in Shenzhen.

Shijiazhuang factory is a dedicated division of our advanced assembly service, 90% of our business is for the military sector.

Shenzhen factory is dedicated to our standard assembly service equipped with 4 YAMAHA SMT lines, X-ray, AOI, providing a quality assembly service with very reasonable prices.

We can provide all kinds of PCB Assembly service you, including wiring, injection and conformal coating.

Quote within 24 Hours

Always try best to speed up the quoting process and get back to our customers as soon as possible.

Fast Production Cycle

Spanning over 3000 square meters with 110 employees providing a rapid, high-quality assembly service.

Prompt Delivery

The circuit board production and component procurement are carried out simultaneously, and the average assembly time is two weeks. The delivery time can be shorter If no special process.


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