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PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service

  • SMT, Thru-Hole Assembly, SMT/Thru-hole Mixed, Single or Double Sided Placement
  • Consigned Components or Partially Components Procurement
  • BGA and Micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-Ray Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection, Aqueous Cleaning and PCB Testing Services

Why Us?

WellPCB provides One-Stop Service to save both of your time and trouble.

Our advanced assembly capabilities ensure that we will deliver products that meet today’s high-quality standards.

What makes WellPCB different is their dedication to the quality and customers’ feedbacks and their Professional capability. It will be a great choice if you would like to try our services.

PCBA Capabilities

  • Capability to handle virtually any device including all types of BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs, and Sons.
  • Accuracy: less than ±40μm, under the condition of 3σ,CPK≥1., Angle accuracy less than ±0.06°.
  • Minimum width/space of QFP: 0.15mm/0.3mm, Minimum diameter /space of BGA: 0.2mm/0.35mm. Maximum part’s highness: 18mm, Maximum part’s weight:30g.
Cooling System PCB Assembly
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PCBA Reflower Equipment
X-Ray Testing PCBA
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I really want to thank your team for your support, your patience and your perseverance!

We have tested the boards yesterday, everything is working as expected!

I’ll should have other modules to duplicate during spring,you will hear about me again!

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