PCB Assembly Services

  • One-Stop Service to Meet all customer’s Requirements & Save Time
  • Complete lead-free (RoHS) + Post-Weld + Check
  • No Minimum Quantity Required

PCB Assembly

  • Placer Speed:
    6000 Chips/Hours
  • Lead time:
    25+Days (To Be Decided)
  • SMT:
    SMT, Through Hole Assembly Single / Double-Side SMT, Single / Double-Sides Mixture Assembly.
  • PCB Size:
    50 mm×50 mm ~450 mm×406 mm
  • PCB Thickness:
  • Min. Diameter / Space of BGA:
    0.2mm / 0.35mm
  • Qualifications:
    ISO 9001:2008
  • Accuracy:
    <±40 µm, Under the Condition of 3σ,CPK≥1
  • Min.Line / Track Width:
  • Minimum Width / Space of QFP
    0.15mm / 0.3mm, Minimum Diameter / Space of BGA: 0.2mm/0.35mm
  • Reliability Test:
    Flying Probe Test / Fixture Test, Impedance Test, Solderability Test, Thermal Shock Test, Hole Resistance Test, and Micor Metallographic Section Analysis, etc.

PCB assembly

  • 1
    Send Files To Us(Gerber&BOM)
  • 2
    Quote In 24 Hours
  • 3
    Confirm The File and Order
  • 4
    PCB Fabrication
  • 5
    Components Procurement
  • 6
    Soldering, Testing Quality Control
  • 7
    Packaging& Delivery

Component procurement

We provide a one-stop turnkey PCB Prototyping.
  • * All of our assembly components come from Digi-Key, Mouser, and other brand suppliers.
  • * You can rest assured that our components with a high-quality and reasonable price.

PCB assembly cost

Prototype+Components Procurement+Soldering+Testing

More Discounts for Medium-Volume Prices

Accept T/T, cash, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Our two factories have price support for different orders

PCB assembly Lead Time

Average production time for Printed Circuit Board Assembly is board presented after the entire parts and components get soldered and rightfully installed. A PCBA orders:

Production Days
PCB Fabrication+Parts Procurement
  • * Please triple check all files and information before placing the order.
  • * Shipping time depends on the destination country and the shipping method selected.

How to order

In Order To Quote You, We Need:

Gerber File

.brd / .pcb / .pcbdoc / .gbr / .cam


The Microsoft Excel format (.xls / .xlsx / .csv / or tab-delimited)

why us

Quickturn PCB Assembly

  • PCB fabrication and parts procurement are carried out simultaneously, saving time
  • Prototype orders placed within 24 hours
  • Quote and Order Online at any time

Competitive Price

  • Our price is one of the most competitive in the world
  • Own factory with good cost control, no hidden cost in it
  • Accept T/T, cash, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.
  • Our two factories have price support for different orders

On-Time Delivery

  • Common methods are DHL and FedEX, door-to-door service. Normal Shipping Time only 2-4 Days.
  • Cooperate with two transportation companies for many years with discounted prices
  • Anti-static+Moisture-Proof+Anti-Vibration Packaging; Inspection certificate
  • Professional agent To Iran, Pakistan

Quality Assurance

  • All products follow the IPC or UL Standards and the ROHS&REACH standards.
  • 98% customer positive evaluation and satisfaction Standardized factory processes and management Multiple testing services

Return and Refund

  • In case our PCB is not usable due to our fault, you can ask for compensation.
  • Wne can refund to your account directly or rework the unusable boards or re-fabricate your PCB and re-ship to you at our cost, but please cooperate to solve the problem if need to rework.

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We have two PCB assembly factories, one in Shijiazhuang and one in Shenzhen.

The factory in Shijiazhuang is a dedicated division of our advanced service, equipped with 4 SIEMENS SMT lines. The Shenzhen factory is dedicated to our standard service equipped with 4 YAMAHA SMT lines, X-ray, and AOI, providing a quality assembly service at very reasonable prices.


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Top Questions

1. How do I prepare the BOM file?

After the order payment is successful and confirmed, our professional engineer will review all files again.

If there is no production problem, we will manufacture the PCB exactly as designed. If there is a production problem with the files, we will communicate it to you through e-mail.

2. Will WellPCB check the files after I place an order?

After the order payment is successful and confirmed, our professional engineer will review all files again.

If there is no production problem, we will manufacture the PCB exactly as designed. If there is a production problem with the files, we will communicate it to you through e-mail.

3. What does your quoted price include?

The PCB assembly pricing includes setup fee, stencil fee, assembly service fee, components cost, and shipping cost. We do not charge any other labor fees.

4. Do you offer assembly on boards fabricated by another company?

Yes, we do. You only need to package the PCB and components and send them to us, or we can also help you purchase components and assemble them for you.

5. Do you offer any discounts?

Medium and Large Batch Price Advantage.

Reasonable Price for the Bulk purchasing of components.

The two factories also give supports for different orders. We can apply for discounts according to the situation.

6. What is the PCB assembly process?

PCB Assembly assembles a printed circuit board (PCB) and its components to produce a complete end product.

Larger PCBs are produced in batches in a large sheet before being divided into individual boards. Smaller PCBs are made one at a time, as these can be made more quickly than larger ones.

Each maker brings their own technique to bear on this assembly process.

7. What is PCB assembly service?

PCB assembly service is the process of assembling printed circuit boards.

The process starts with designing a circuit board and then creating copies or fixes to make it manufacturable in large quantities before moving onto the fabrication stage. A physical copy is made from this design, which you can then send for testing before being sent to assembly.

All of these processes take place under strict environmental controls and cleanroom environments to ensure reliability and safety. Every product we sell has its own Assembly Specification Sheet on our website, which details every step of the manufacturing process from raw materials all the way up until finished product dispatch timeframes that your customer will receive their order in!

8. How much does PCB assembly cost?

It depends on the size, depth of boards, and complexity. This isn’t easy to give a straight answer for because it varies greatly depending on many factors.

For instance: the number of boards you want to be made, how complex they are (how many components and special features), what type of company you use to make them (i.e., do they subcontract out work or do it in the house?), and if you have any special requests like gold plating or blind/buried vias. There is no general answer that applies to all projects.

If your project is large enough, we can try to quote your need, but please email first with details and photos at “[email protected].” We appreciate your questions! Best wishes

9. How do I order a PCB assembly?

1. Find a manufacturer specializing in PCB assembly and have them quote you on an order, shipping time, et cetera.

2. Be sure to provide any information necessary (ex: design files and quantities).

3. If you get multiple quotes, it is good to compare price with turnaround time, competitive cost factors like delivery times, etc., availability of part numbers for different product lines, customer reviews of the company’s customer service quality as well as responsiveness to call-ins or email requests, etc., and so forth—each prospective vendor should be graded objectively on each criterion by which they are evaluated.

4. When selecting the organization with which you’ll do business, strike a balance between their manufacturing costs versus theirs.

10. What is turnkey PCB assembly?

Turnkey PCB assembly means that the customer does not have to provide any form of sourcing, engineering, or manufacturing. A turnkey service typically will provide a complete package for designing and assembling PCBs.

They have multiple service offerings, from partial services to full services, depending on what type of input is required by the client’s needs.

11. How many types of electronic components are there?

It’s tough to say for sure.

Ten years ago, I would have said about two hundred or so types of electronic components available. Still, that list is growing by the day as innovations are created and lower-cost manufacturing technologies make them more affordable.

The list of electronic components is huge, from digital sensors, microprocessors, and computers to motors, buzzers, and LEDs, the list of electronic components is huge! Today, depending on how you count, it’s probably over six thousand different types of parts out there.