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Altium Software-The Features Ultimate Guide

Altium Software is software that was developed by Altium Limited, which is in Australia. In this software, there are four main features: PCB design, schematic capture, FPGA development, and lastly, we have Data or release management.

1.Features of Altium Software

The Altium software is famous for its following features:

• Schematic capture

This module provides editing of the functionality of the electronics circuit that includes the library management of the components, editing the schematic document that provides for connectivity editing, component placing, and the definition of the design rules.

The other functions are integrating the several distributors of the components that allow the search of the features and easy access to the manufacturer’s data, netlist export. An analysis of the pre-layout integrity of the signal, circuit simulation of the spice-mixed motion, reporting and the BOM facilities, and the re-use of the design.


• Altium Software3D PCB design

The design of the printed circuit board module from the Altium software designers allows signal wizard, which enables the designer to cluster several nets to one signal, supports rigid and flex designs, support custom overlay, add the hole tolerance, allows dynamic display where the is clearance of boundaries when routing.

Enhanced management of the layers stack, there is support for the components that are embedded.

Implementation of the Ibis model editor, there is a delay of pi package support.

There is the management of the library of the component footprint; there is the placement of the innovative component.

Manual trace routing where there is support from the different pairs and gate swapping.

• Altium SoftwareFPGA software tools

These are integrated into Altium design, where they provide debugging and simulation of VHDL; there is the synchronization of PCB, FPGA, and the methods of the signal integrity.


• Data or release management

The data and release management tools that are within the Altium designer allow one to batch the process output generation and the output formatting like Gerber files. Another feature that the designer gives is controlling each version of the design and comparing the visual and textual.

One can create templates for the documents and the rules for the designs; use configuration management.

One can track the different designs and the changes through the ECO.

One is also able to do cloud publishing of the manufacturing data and design.


In conclusion, one should explore the Altium software for the different advantages outlined above. It is trendy for its significant features, which are beneficial for PCB designers.

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