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PCB Mounting-Easily Install Guidance It’s Here

On PCB Mounting, As the heart of all the electronic products, printed circuit boards must be secured firmly to a fixture to ensure long life and improve reliability. Usually, the PCB mounting is done to the main chassis of the product to make it safe and make the wiring easy. PCBs mounting is done with extra grip for heavy and wide PCBs. From production to the final housing, there are different methods of PCBs mounting for assembling and fixing into an enclosure.

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1.Factory PCB Mounting

During the production stage, the PCBs mounting varies every step. Due to the requirement of high-resolution imaging of the circuitry, the PCB must be mounted firmly to the CNC machine for board calibration and error-free imaging. CNC machines usually use computer controller pneumatic or servo grips to hold the board in place. The computer-based on-the-board properties control the amount of pressure applied during the PCBs mounting. Automates assembly lines use multi-axis robotic PCBs mounting to move the board around the factory and position it beneath the milling machinery.

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2.Rework and Assembly Mounting

A technician on hand mainly does rework. So, the most use generic wise clamp PCB mounting method. These are simple clamps that can be adjusted to fit almost any PCB. For SMD, the rework PCBs mounting system includes a heating bed and hot air station. The heating bed helps in preheating the huge ground plane in the multilayer boards. Pre-heating makes the soldering and de-soldering process very easy. Most of these PCBs mounting beds have a built-in magnification tool to help the technician visualize tiny components and solder joints. Some of them have simple 6x to 20x lenses mounted on a flexible hand. Professional rework beds have some microscopes for magnifying the SMD parts.

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3.Effects of Improper Mounting

Improper PCB mounting may result in considerable damages to the PCBs. For example, during the production and assembly in the factory, the misaligned PCB is very likely to be rejected at the testing stage. A shift of about 0.1mm for high-resolution traces will fail the PCB at the testing stage. PCBs must be mounted with excellent support in the enclosures to prevent them from damage during usage. Improper mounting with an imbalance of weight may cause the board to fail shorty, especially with multiple layers. Slide PCBs mounting must have even support to prevent board damage and keep the components safe from vibration and force impacts.

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