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PCB Solution-Useful Tips Guide

PCB Solution PCB design is one of the most studied subjects due to the increasing demand for PCB boards. Many engineers and users try designing and developing PCB boards at laboratories or even at home. Various online and offline software tools have made it easier for the designers to create the PCB boards, yet the development of the board is still a painstaking task that requires specific steps before the final PCB boards come out as a product. PCB solution is a chemical substrate, mostly an acid mixture used to remove all unwanted copper from the PCB boards. Figure 1 shows the PCB solution with a PCB board immersed in it, readily available in the market.

PCB solution1.png

Figure 1

PCB can witness in figure 1 that the person needs to wear gloves while immersing the PCB board in the PCB solution. This is because PCB solution is acidic, and with bare hands, the person tends to harm their hands if exposed to the PCB solutions. The process of using PCB solutions and removing the copper from the PCB board is simple enough to be done at home or any other suitable place.

1.PCB Solution

The main constituents of the PCB solution are primarily copper chloride (CuCl2) and ferric chloride (FeCl3). These two chemicals are available in different ratios to the user, and it depends on the engineer which proportion of the substances they intend to use. PCBs solutions exist in various colors, yet it is not hard to remove the colored solution of the PCBs board, which is usually done by submerging the PCBs board into warm water.

PCB solution2.png

Figure 2

Figure 2 shows a PCBs board immerged in a dark green colored solution, and it is visible that some traces of the PCBs solutions are left onto the surface of the PCBs board; however, it is not a mentally-taxing or time-consuming task for the user.

2.PCB fabrication using PCB solution

Figure 3 elaborates the processes that a PCB board undergoes before reaching its final state.

PCB solution3.png

Figure 3

PCB can see in figure 3 that the color of the solutions has changed from green to clear white after the PCB board has been immersed in the answers. This is copper chloride in the PCB solutions has reacted with the copper on the PCB board.


PCB solutions play a vital role in the designing of the PCB board. The excess copper on the board needs to be removed from the surface. Else the PCB board doesn’t function according to the user’s will. PCB solutions aids in removing the excess copper and imprinting the PCB design on the PCB board. The solution also makes the PCB tracks more visible and prominent. It gets more accessible for the user to drill holes on the surface and then solder the desired components onto their right places leading to the development of a complete PCB.

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