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The Importance of Rapid PCB Prototyping: 8 Reasons to Go For It

Whether you are new to PCBs or someone who has been a part of the industry for years, it is essential to understand the importance of rapid PCB prototyping and what it can do for your business.


Sadly, a lot of entrepreneurs look at prototypes as a waste of money. The general opinion is, why waste time on getting one thing built when you need a hundred of it. In this article, we will highlight the importance of rapid PCB prototyping by pointing out ten reasons to go for it.


Without wasting any more time, let us have a look so you can understand why it is the right option for you:

PCB Prototypes Can Help Identify Problems

Design PCB Prototyping to your requirements and expectations; it can be a reliable way to identify possible design and implementation problems. 

Some things come into play when it comes to designing PCBs. One of the most important factors is the board; if a board is more significant, it will not fit the required space, resulting in wastage.

You can get a prototype and see if it fits the space and changes the design before going all out. In addition to this, prototypes can also help you identify systematic problems such as issues with the flow of current. The PCB current is closely related to the trace width of the PCB prototyping design.

You can solve many problems according to the design of the PCB prototype, which is very important. It can help you improve work efficiency and save costs.

PCB prototype inspection, found problems.jpg

PCB Prototype Can Reduce The Error Rate

After finishing work, the prototype minimizes the risk of errors. You cannot create a complete system without the presence of PCB prototyping. Some of these boards can malfunction, not do the job as they are required to do, or result in errors or accidents.

A business cannot afford such errors, but sadly, they cannot be identified unless you have access to a physical hardware piece. It is when prototypes come into play. You can get a prototype, install it, and run the system to see if it results in errors. These errors can be studied so that you can get rid of the issue and get going.

PCB prototyping design improper, resulting in board burnout.jpg

PCB Prototypes Can Help Save Costs

A lot of people stay away from getting a PCB prototyping due to the costs involved. You will have to obtain a bare PCB, it may also include PCBA depending on what you want the PCB factory to do for you. This is why you should choose a PCB factory that will produce your PCB prototype, but very few people think about the money it can help them save.

Think from a financial perspective. Let us assume you make electronics and want to work on a batch of 200 devices. If you get all 200 PCBs built at once for $900 each, you will be spending $18,000 to get the 200 machines. It does not consider the cost of transportation and the hours wasted in installing PCBs and communicating with your PCB manufacturer.

If the boards were designed well and are exactly how you wanted them to be, then all well, you can move ahead with the production. But, what if there is an issue with the units produced? What if the material used is not appropriate, or what if they are too big?

It may not always be possible to make changes to what you have manufactured. It means your $18,000 will go to waste, and you will have to get another batch of 200 units that will again cost $18,000 – hence double the original cost.

Now, think from the perspective of a prototype. What if you originally ordered a prototype instead of 200? It would are only cost you $900. You could figure out the issues with a single group, made the changes, and ordered another batch of 200. As a result, you would are saved $17,100. Yes, that is true.

It’s evident that prototypes make sense from a financial perspective and, hence do not shy away from PCB prototyping.

Prototype PCB board production.jpg

Plays an Important Role in Reducing the Timeline

Once again, let us keep the above example in mind. You want to build 200 systems and need 200 prototypes. Most companies will require weeks to complete such a big order, but some can complete a small order (a prototype) in just 24-48 hours. 

It means if you order a prototype, you will get your hands on it within a few days. Hence, you’d be able to try it out right away and identify problems, if any.

You can correct the problems and then order a batch of 200 that may take about three weeks to arrive. Hence, in three weeks, you will be ready to go into production.

Now, let’s assume you didn’t order a prototype and went ahead with your 200 units order. The first batch would take three weeks to arrive. If there are problems, you will have to order another quantity, which may take another three weeks to arrive. 

All in all, it will take you six weeks to go into production, which may cause you heavy losses since companies have deadlines to meet. Your image, goodwill, and profitability are on the line. Hence, do not make this mistake and always opt for PCB prototyping before ordering a complete batch.

Simple PCB prototype board production.jpg

Good to Make an Impression

Whether you run a big business or a small one, you want to leave a good first impression. Imagine what your clients would think if you delay a project due to PCB design or layout issues. A quick way to save the embarrassment is to opt for a prototype, correct the issue, and then present a version of the board that works.

It is important for designers since companies would never want to work with a designer who does not provide high-quality work. If this is your profession, it may be a good idea to get a PCB prototyping of your design before sending it to a client.

Quality Control Engineer Checks Electronic Printed Circuit Board it for Damages.jpg

PCB Prototyping Can Test Components Individually

As mentioned earlier, PCB has several parts, including resistors, transistors, capacitors, LEDs, and batteries. You cannot be sure if everything will align well when the project gets done. A prototype can help you figure this out.

You can see all the parts’ functioning and identify problems if any. A prototype can also be an excellent way to compare different parts and reduce costs. For example, you can get two PCBs using different materials and compare each option to pick one that you find more useful and affordable.

PCB prototyping can be an effective and affordable way to compare items and can be a problem solver for people who take part in big projects.

Components on the PCB prototyping board.jpg

PCB Prototyping Provide You With Clear Expectations

A PCB prototyping tells you precisely what you will get. With one, you will gauge performance, appearance, cost, quality, and all such aspects. They leave no ambiguity and clear the air. It can be essential for sellers because you cannot promise buyers what to expect if you are not sure of it.

PCB prototypes can help you to provide your customers with accurate, expected finished products. Avoid your commitment does not match the result. We can increase trust with customers in this way.

The worker's hands place electronic components on the PCB prototyping.jpg

PCB Prototype Can Get Better Finished Products

Your job is to make the best product possible within your budget. PCB prototyping can be an effective way to ensure you get the best outcomes.  If you are confused between two or more sellers, you can order a prototype from each and compare all the options to go with the seller that suits you the best.

You can even gauge factors such as delivery rate and professionalism this way. PCB prototypes can help you get better-finished products.

PCB prototypes can help you get better finished products.jpg


The answer is simple, search the market, and find a manufacturer. There are many PCB manufacturers out there, and most of them offer prototypes because they are well aware of the importance of PCB prototyping. So, find a seller who offers PCB prototypes and can help you enjoy all their benefits.

If you happen to need PCB production, you can contact us at PCB manufacturing experience, come and contact us!

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