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5 Reasons why Plasma arc Speakers are the Most Amazing Speakers

Plasma arc speakers, also known as ionophores by others, are a form of loudspeakers. 


These speakers vary air pressure by use of high-energy electrical plasma, and Conventional speakers vary air pressure by use of a rugged diaphragm. Plasma arc speakers consist of connections to the output of an amplifier. 


There are several types of speakers, such as soundbars, in-wall/ceiling speakers, and subwoofers. Yet, plasma arc speakers remain to be some of the most outstanding speakers on earth. Many people believe that plasma arc speakers are some of the best speakers around. But why, you may ask. 


Why are plasma arc speakers a favourite among many people? Why do they come in as the best and the most outstanding speakers on earth? Here is why: 

The Plasma arc Speakers Power matching

Electronics, there is an aspect of power matching. Power matching involves designing the input impedance of an electrical load. All this is to maximize the power transfer. Also, it is to reduce the signal reflection emanating from the shipment. 

Improper power matching can bring about serious problems. Damaging problems can include distortion, excessive power use, and noise problems. Some of the most severe issues occur when the impedance of the load is very low. A low impedance load needs a lot of power from the active device. A lot of energy drives the capacity to acceptable levels. 

When it comes to power matching, plasma arc speakers are the best. But why, you may ask. It is due to printed circuit boards fitted in them. Unlike other speakers, plasma arc speakers come in as some of the best speakers around. It is simple; printed circuit boards mounted in them are excellent at power matching. Unlike conventional speakers, a plasma arc speaker is excellent at power matching. 

An amplifier is PCB that has stable power matching.jpg

Damping Factor and Line Loss

The damping factor of plasma arc loudspeakers is that the nominal loudspeaker ratio impedes the total impedance. A high damping factor means that the amplifier’s impedance can absorb the speaker’s coil motion’s electricity. 

In practice or when in functioning, damping is an amplifier’s ability to control the speaker’s motion once the signal stops. Besides power matching, plasma arc speaker is some of the most outstanding speakers on earth due to damping and line loss, unlike conventional speakers. 

The damping factor is inverse to output impedance. When output impedance gets above negligible levels, it will cause sluggish performance. Much worse, it may bring about prolonged transients in the system. A plasma arc speaker is excellent when it comes to noise. Better yet, they can handle mechanical oscillations and vibrations better. Damping does decrease vibrations through the removal of energy through motion resistance. 

Damping is necessary for controlling vibrations. Vibrations may bring damaging effects to other components of the speaker,plasma arc speakers contain printed circuit boards in them. Influential plasma arc speakers include PCBs with the ability to absorb rapid vibrations. Moreover, they require involvement generating circuit when using the loudspeaker.

A PCB made with damping factor and line loss at hand.jpg

The Plasma arc Speakers Space Savings

Among other things, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a speaker that occupies a lot of space. Unfortunately, this is the case when it comes to traditional speakers that we use daily. Ordinary speakers that you find in entertainment spots and houses do consume a lot of space. If you live in a small apartment, then having traditional speakers take a lot of space can be somewhat frustrating. 

A plasma speaker comes with the advantage of little space consumption. Better yet, all its parts, especially the printed circuit boards fitted in them, are small. Thus, these speakers are ideal for those who do not have enough space. A plasma arc speaker does not occupy a lot of space. It is unlike traditional speakers. Traditional speakers take up a lot of space. 

Compared to ordinary speakers that we usually use, the plasma arc speaker is smaller. Better yet, printed circuit boards fitted in them are also smaller, making them some of the most outstanding speakers on earth. If you are a little concerned about space, it’s ideal for you to invest in a plasma arc speaker. Its components, such as printed circuit boards fitted in them, are also small, making these speakers the best for those who are particular about saving some space. 

Are you concerned about space? If so, then it’s better to invest in plasma arc speaker instead of traditional speakers that take up too much space. In most cases, a plasma arc speaker is small, unlike humongous conventional speakers. As mentioned above, the entire parts of the plasma arc speaker –printed circuit board included- are small. 

Plasma arc loudspeakers designed to save space as much as possible by minimizing method.jpg

Frequency and Phase Response

Unlike conventional speakers, plasma arc speakers are the best when it comes to stimuli response. For instance, at high frequencies, plasma arc speaker does well in reducing the amplifiers’ gain. It does all these while introducing phase shifts as the signal frequencies increase. 

Conventional speakers aren’t so good when it comes to responding to stimuli. But, plasma arc speakers are excellent when it comes to matters to phase response. Loudspeakers radiate different wavelengths at different phases. There is something ideal about plasma arc speakers. Among other things, they can respond well to stimuli at different stages. 

Besides all the other parts that make a plasma arc speaker, printed circuit boards are some of the essential components in them. Without printed circuit boards, plasma arc speakers won’t function as desired. Much worse, plasma arc speakers without high-quality printed circuit boards in them aren’t good at handling or responding fast to stimulus. In short, the plasma arc speaker is some of the best speakers on earth due to frequency and phase response. 

Better yet, these types of speakers contain printed circuit boards in them with the ability to respond fast to any changes. These changes include the increase or the reduction of volume, among others. Ordinary speakers do contain printed circuit boards in them. However, when it comes to frequency and phase response, they cannot match the plasma arc speaker. 

A close view of a plasma arc PCB with the ability to respond to changes fast.jpg

Remote Control and Monitoring

In electronics, there is a clicker or remote control. The remote control is an electronic device used to control another device from a distance. In most cases, we accomplished through wireless. For example, in consumer electronics, the remote control is used in devices such as a DVD player, a television, or other home appliances. 

Traditional speakers and plasma arc speaker differ. Among other things, they are based on remote control and monitoring. You will have to adjust the volume, bass, or treble manually. But with plasma speakers, you can do this from a distance.

With a plasma arc speaker, you can control and track everything from a distance. There is no need for you to make any movements at all. But, with regular speakers, you will have to find access to them manually. You will have to adjust everything according to your desires. Better yet, plasma arc speakers contain printed circuit boards with the ability to respond to commands. 

Conventional speakers have printed circuit boards in them. But PCBs found in plasma arc speaker are excellent. They are the best when it comes to responding well to remote control commands. Again, this is why the plasma arc speaker comes in as the most outstanding speaker on earth. Many people love them. The reason is that controlling them from a distance is easy. We have found traditional speakers in many houses that require manual control. Such is not the case with a plasma arc speaker. 

A close pic of a remote control PCB.jpg


Plasma arc speaker Is lately gaining popularity across the globe. Many people are beginning to realize the advantages of plasma arc speakers. Plasma arc speakers are some of the best in the industry. Plasma arc speakers contain high-quality printed circuit boards. 

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