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Sg3524 Modulator IC: Pin Configuration, Specifications, And its Application

About sg3524 Modulator IC, Knowledge or enthusiasm in electronics might have brought the SG3524 inverter chip to your attention. SG3524 chip is one of the most critical components mounted onto a printed circuit board since it deals with pulse-width modulation of the board. This way, you get to know some of the features incorporated into the single-chip, like being a switching regulator. 

This article will cover all you need to know about the SG3524, including instances where you need the regulator for your projects.

Typical use of a PWM IC

(Typical use of a PWM IC)

SG3524 Pin Configuration

The SG3524 has a total of 16 Dual In-line Package (DIP) pinouts, with eight on each side of the IC. Below is a detailed configuration of the SG3524.

The pin configuration of the SG3524

(The pin configuration of the SG3524)

What is SG3524?

The SG3524 is an IC commonly used in our day-to-day electronic devices. It comes as a small black compact block with 16 protruding pins connected to a printed circuit board. The SG3524 is a switching regulator encompassing all circuitries necessary for a switching regulator in single-ended or push-pull mode. These circuitries then form the heart of a PWM (pulse width modulation) inverter circuit, quickly correcting the output PWM voltage within the device. 

(A typical 16 pinout IC)

Specifications and features

  • 8V – 40V range of  supply voltage.
  • 4.6 V–  5.4 V range of output voltage.
  • 50mA current output.
  • 2 outputs.
  • 100Hz – 300kHz Oscillator Range.
  • Total Supply Current less than 10mA.
  • 100 ns in fall time.
  • 200 ns in rise time.
  • 16 pinout configuration.
  • Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry

Use of the SG3524

The Regulating Pulse Width Modulator is designed to switch regulators polarity, polarity converter applications, transformerless voltage doublers, and transformer with dc-to-dc converters. SG3524 achieves this by using fixed-frequency and pulse modulation techniques. The SG3524 IC applies in DC to DC conversion whether it is a buck-boost topology or not.

The SG3524 IC comes in hand, especially for projects that employ PWM signals for the power switch current flow.

( How the SG3524 is used on a PCB)

How do we use SG3524?

As highlighted above, the use scenario of the SG3524 works well for projects that use PWM controllers as programmable oscillators. Nd the use case scenario is pretty simple. With its expansive range of voltage operations ranging from 8V to 40V, it makes it possible to function in various devices. O, how does it work in these devices?

To begin with, the regulator works under a static frequency programmed using a resistor and capacitor. Hen, we have a 1IN+ (non –inverting) pin connected to the Ref pin, whereby we have 1IN-(reversing) pins connecting to the error amplifier compensation pin.

Also, to control the oscillator’s output frequency, the external capacitor and resistor have connections to the Resistor terminal pin and the Capacitor terminal pins.

The SG3524 has a built-in 5-Voltage known as a reference; the error amplifier compares a 5-V output stage power supply to the authority and then adjusts it accordingly by changing the PWM.

Finally, an R-2R ladder divides the internal reference voltage externally then the output gets automation by a different resistor divider network.

Equivalent/alternative to SG3524

The following are equivalents and alternatives that could be useful in place of the SG3524; 

  • TL494
  • UC3843
  • Tl3842
  • SG2524
  • UC2842
A similar IC that could be used in place of  the sg3524

(A similar IC that could be used in place of  the sg3524)


The following are use case scenarios of the SG3524 IC.

  • Desktop PCs
  • Solar micro inverters
  • Smoke detectors
  • Solar power inverters
  • Washing machines
  • E-Bike
  • Microwave ovens


In conclusion, it is essential to reiterate that the SG3524 is a typical PWM IC that you would find in our day-to-day devices. It also has a vast voltage capacity, making it usable in many devices, and its primary function is to control the output voltage against an input load.

So, whenever you are on the lookout to source the SG3524, feel free to reach out, and we will help you throughout the process. 

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