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Top five of the best PCB Software of 2021

On Top five of the best PCB Software of 2021, many PCB software is available for every form of layout requirement.  There is software for PCB design, free online software for PCB design, industrial PCB software, etc…  All you can do is compare the different design software and select the one that can work better for your design needs. This list is of the top five of this year.

1. PROTEL (Altium Designer)

PCB Software of 20171
PCB Software of 2021-1

This design software came up in the industry around the 80s, 20th century from the PORTAL Company.  

It ranked very high among other EDA Software, and many circuit designers prefer to use PROTEL. In addition, there are specific courses to teach the use of the software in many universities, and many companies that deal in circuits have used the software.

PROTEL works better for circuit boards with one or two layers, but it will be difficult when it exceeds this number.

2. PADS (Power PCB)

This software is the king when it comes to low-side CAD. It is like the best amongst other EDA. PADS is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software, and it has a wide range of users and is the choice for many small companies.

PCB Software of 20172
PCB Software of 20172

3. PCB Software of 2021–ORCAD

PCB Software of 20173
PCB Software of 20173

This software is an old product from the ORCAD Company in the 80s. It has an easy user face, a vital simulation function, and a friendly operation function.

4.PCB Software of 2021 W G

WG 2005 is software based on Windows, and the layout is also solid, which makes it one of the best when it comes to design. The 2005 version of WG contains DC, LIB, DX, EXP, etc.

PCB Software of 20174
PCB Software of 20174

5. EAGLE (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor)

Although EAGLE is not free software, it is very affordable. This software has a simple user face and a schematic diagram function that is strong. There are other functions like ” Online positive and negative annotation function” interactive follower,” “Batch command execution script file” and Copper cladding.”

PCB Software of 20175
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