China PCB Assembly

The PCB assembly is one of the most important aspect of the PCB designing. These days china PCB assembly has been very popular. There are several reasons for the popularity of China PCB assembly, one of the most worthy to mention reason is its low cost and good quality. The low cost of the PCB is making it affordable for people of all kinds e.g. student and manufacturer etc.


The PCB Assembly

The process of PCB assembly is dealing with the knowledge of designing the PCB, components of the PCB, and the assembly process as well. The process is also requiring you to have enough knowledge of the PCB fabrication to guess about the end product. The China PCB assembly is one of the most popular assembly processes in the entire world.

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Different Types of PCB Assembly

There are different types of the china PCB assembly. Some of the most important types are turn-key assembly, non-RoHS assembly, quick turn prototype assembly, RoHS complaint assembly which is lead free, conformal coating, partial turn-key assembly, final box closed and packaged assembly, and the consignment assembly etc. 



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The PCB Assembly Process

The process of China PCB assembly is not a simple one however, the amount which they charge is not big. The China PCB assembly is a very diligent solution to your PCB requirements. The PCB assembly starts with the design and simulations of the basic schematics that is required by the clients. The very next step is to make a layout of the PCBs, no matter of how many layers the PCB is. The very next step is the processing of the design and etching. After etching the PCB is assembled together to give it a shape of assembly. Then the components are placed over the assembled PCBs. The PCB is then tested for any short circuit and if qualify all tests is then sent to the clients.