China PCBs-Approved and Absolutely Lowest(To Be Continued)

PCBs are very essential components of electronic products and there are numerous countries which produce professional PCBs for different electronic components. The China PCBs are very popular these days because of its elegant design and better quality. The China PCBs are also cheap in price and are affordable for all.




Shenzhen, Hangzhou and some southern places are relatively developed more advanced than some northern areas.


For example, WellPCB is a daughter company of Uniwell Circuit Ltd, a powerful factory which capable of meeting the needs of many advanced processes. Many customers visit the factory and have full confidence in our quality and technology.

2、China PCBs -Big and Powerful Enough

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It is generally believed that China PCBs are "big enough but not strong at all." This is the tone of the evaluation of the Chinese PCB industry for many years.


Compared with the total output of PCBs in the world. China's PCB output remains the first in the world every year. And the proportion of the total production of PCB in the world is also rising year by year. But it is often said that China's PCBs are in the middle and low end. The production technology is small; the production efficiency is low. The primary raw materials and equipment depend on imports from abroad. Also, the manufacturing of PCB has severely damaged the environment.


This was said more than a decade ago, but it is still held today ten years later. While in fact, China's PCB industry is becoming bigger and getting stronger.


Some reasons that you can choose China PCBs:


2.1 Manufacturing of PCB Product Types and Improved Specification Levels

The complexity of the single-sided and double-sided PCB products is low but still see strong or weak.


If it also has a fine line or conductive paste to print through holes and edges. Such as factories that produce only 1 + 4 + 1 HDI boards and 10-layers of any layer of interconnected HDI boards. They cannot be considered to be comparable because they are HDI board factories. The production capacity and level of soft. Hard bond plates and 16~32 multi-layer boards are currently a few high-tech factories.


2.2 Process and Equipment Conditions

Secondly, PCB manufacturing technology includes the production process and equipment installed. The type of PCB products manufactured and the specification level reached can reflect specific production processes and equipment conditions. Different production processes and equipment conditions will affect the production efficiency, product pass rate, production cost, and cleaner production level.


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2.3 The Supply of Raw Materials

The supply of raw materials, whether the raw materials are self-supporting or imported from abroad, include various kinds of raw materials. Such as the primary material substrates, copper foil, welding resistance ink. And accessorial materials, like dry film, chemical potions, etc. There are many kinds of specialized equipment for PCB production, including mechanical, electronic, optical, and chemical equipment. Also, the degree of function and automation is different.


2.4 Market Changes

Fourthly, for the sustainable development of China's PCB industry, it is necessary to adapt to market changes. Develop new technologies and products.To meet the needs of a new generation of electronic equipment.So it depends on the investment in R & D innovation.


We must do a good job of cleaner production, energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection.


Today's traditional industrial manufacturing is turning to a new type of intelligent construction and Industry 4.0 time. To PCB manufacturing industry. Know more about the international level; understand the situation of foreign counterparts.


Among our competitors, we should start by improving our production capacity and technology.We need to make the healthy competition. We cannot rely on price tactics to obtain temporary benefits. What we have to do is to make joint efforts to sort out the situation of the PCB industry.


Objectively understand the international position of China's PCB industry, establish the goal and development direction of strengthening this industry, reach the international advanced level.We need to work hard for China to truly become a powerful country in the printed circuit industry in the world!" width="560"

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