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Circuit Board Components And What They Do(helpful)

Printed circuit boards are found in many of the devices we use at home. Unfortunately, very few people understand the technology behind them. As a result, we must understand what electronic components are and what they do. This is critical for anyone interested in knowing how PCBs work and their application. This post looks at some of the Circuit Board Components used to make PCBs.

Circuit Board Components1

1. Resistor

It is one of the most critical components of PCBs. It is used to control voltage and the current flowing through a circuit. We use a resistor to control the voltages and the winds in a course. If connected in series with a load, it can control the current flowing through the circuit and reduce the chances of the bag burning out.

common circuit board components1.png
Circuit Board Components2

2. Capacitor

The component is mainly used to stabilize the voltage supplied to a circuit. It behaves like a battery that can store charges and introduce some time delay in the course. Capacitors can be divided into polarized and non-polarized capacitors.

Common Circuit Board Components2.png
Circuit Board Components3

3. Light Emitting Diode (LED)

It is a component that gives light and can, therefore, give visual feedback from a circuit. It can be used to make fantastic light show circuits. Diodes allow current to flow in one direction.

Circuit Board Components4

4. Circuit Board ComponentsTransistors

It acts like a switch that is controlled by an electrical signal. Transistors can be used in amplifiers since they amplify charges.

Circuit Board Components5

5. Circuit Board ComponentsInductor

It is a coil of wire that is used as a filter. The work of an inductor is to stop the change of current and store charges.

Common Circuit Board Components3.png
Circuit Board Components6

6. An integrated circuit

It consists of an electrical circuit that has been shrunk to fit on a chip. It could be an amplifier, a microprocessor, or a USB to a serial converter.

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