IPC Standards

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To be in a competitive position and to maintain your position in the electronics industry, you as a manufacturer should attain to a high-quality product position. It is important to follow all the process and steps for the product manufacturing with high-quality. You should make sure that you manufacture your products in compliance with the IPC standards. Manufacturing with the IPC standards is the best way to make sure that your product output is reliable and qualitative. These standards will surely help you to manufacture high-quality goods which will be accepted. Making use of the IPC standards to manufacture your products will enable the product to perform very well and to have a long lifespan. Since the IPC standard is what your EMS services providers and suppliers make use of, you will be on the same wavelength with them. You will be able to understand them very well since all of you are speaking the same language known in the world's electronic industry. Making use of the IPC standards to manufacture your products is nother way of cutting down the assemblies cost.  

For the best end product, you should manufacture your products with the following IPC standards from the start to the finish:

  1. If you want to get the best cable and wiring assembling harness which will comply with the product's requirement and accepted, you must make use of IPC-A-620.
  2. For a product that can be easily soldered or repaired, the acceptable electronic assembly standard to use is IPC-A-610.
  3. To get the best stencil design guidelines, you should go for the IPC-7525 standard.
  4. The J-STD-001 is the best standard to manufacture with if your product requires the soldered electronic assembling.
  5. If you want your printed circuit boards to be accepted, you should work with IPC-A-600 standards.
  6. For a better surface treatment and solder masking of your product to be qualified for the printed boards, the manufacturer should use IPC-SM-840, IPC-6011, 6012, 6013 and 6017 respectively.   
  7. IPC-4101, 4104, 4202, 4203, 4204 are the standards to use for the base materials printed boards while IPC-4562 are the best for copper coils needed.
  8. IPC-2141 and IPC-2251 will enable a speedy rate.
  9. It is best to use J-STD-609 for the marking and labels while for the designing and creating land patterns; you should work with IPC-2220 added to 7351.
  10. To get the best material declaration and transfer dater through an electronic documentation, you should operate with IPC-1751, 1752, IPC-2581 and IPC-2610 standards.

Make use of the IPC standards today to ensure a reliable and high-quality end product.

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