PCB Designer

A PCB Designer can be termed as the person who does the PCB layout. The designer is the one responsible to lay down the bare board. The bare boards have only the wiring and does not have any components soldered onto the board. The PCB designer puts together the schematic diagram that explains explicitly how the circuit shall function. The schematic diagram may or may not contain the real components but it should contain the symbols that represent the components that will be soldered or embedded into the board.


pcb designer.png


There are important elements that should constitute a PCB Designer. A PCB Designer needs to have a professional PCB Design software that is able to lay down and test the proposed PCB Design. The same software should be able to allow the PCB Designer to put together the PCB Schematic into a PCB Board that can be turned into a physical PCB by submitting the resultant files to a PCB Factory such as wellpcb.com. PCB Design can be a complicated task especially for beginners who start off with multi-layer boards. A PCB Designer must be willing to take time and consistent practice to grow from one level to the next. Even though PCB Designers can specialize in either schematic layout or PCB layout, it is highly recommended that a PCB Designer frequently does the whole PCB Design process and also getting the boards printed and tested, so as to experience the practical results of their labor.



Flickr photos from the group WELLPCB Project