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Solder Mask Colors How To Choose The Right

Solder Mask Colors When selecting the different parameters for the printed circuit boards, one of the best options is to think of the solder mask colors. The solder masks are available in different hues from which you can choose and make your printed circuit board. The following are the primary solder mask colors that are widely adopted for the printed circuit board designs.

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Solder Mask Colors1

1.Green solder mask

The green color is the most used as a solder mask in the printed circuit boards. The color of such printed circuit boards is usually bod green and is having a white silkscreen. Practically Green is the best color for the design of the printed circuit boards and is suited well. The white silkscreen is also in good contrast with the green color.

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Solder Mask Colors2

2.Red solder mask

The red color is also getting famous for the PCB design because it looks attractive, and the contrast between the trances and components gives it a better look. The silkscreen is also standing at best on the board in red background, and the flux residues are cleaning up amazingly well.

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Solder Mask Colors3

3.Solder Mask ColorBlue solder mask

The dark blue color is being used in numerous professional printed circuit boards, gaining immense demand. The contrast between the planes, trances, and the empty spaces is fantastic. The best thing about having the blue color printed circuit board is its contrast between the silkscreen and solder mask if there is heavily labeling in the printed circuit board.

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Solder Mask Colors4

4.Other Colors

Black, white, and yellow are a few other colors used as the solder mask color but are not that popular. Selective companies are using these colors for commercial purposes. The contrast among the traces, silkscreen, and solder mask is good, and the components also look attractive in these colors.

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