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PCB Etching for Design

PCB Etching for Design

On PCB Etching for Design, The copper layers get central attention due to their developments in a printed circuit board by keeping other layers updated for supporting or protecting the circuit, or simply used for simplifying the assembly process. The PCB designers at the starting phase are merely focused to get connected from point A to point B by reducing as many problems as possible.

However, by spending time and expertise, the main attention of PCB designers is to improve the following functions;

  • Refinement of the PCB
  • Dedicating resources for artistry work
  • Space utilization
  • Enhancing the overall performance of the PCB designs
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Low Cost Boards

The low cost boards describe PCB designs at the expense of highest quality and speed

Homemade PCBs

Homemade PCBs are very common among their users due to their turnaround time

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Professionally developed Boards

The professionally developed boards are based on following points;

  1.These boards are developed using latest technologies, advanced methods that enhance the capabilities and tolerance of these boards

  2.Professional boards are developed by using etching technologies that are much better than traditional technologies for better equipment and expertise

  3.These boards ensure difference between the professional boards and amateurs because their tolerance level is tightened due to huge influential factors of expertise 

  4.These boards are ideally suited for luxury homes due to their difference between acceptable and great board houses

Steps in the Etching of PCB Boards

Different steps involve in the etching of PCB boards

1.Even application of Photoresist to the Copper made Clad Board

  The photoresist of PCB boards are UV sensitive that ensures the hardness when exposed to associated environments. It is covered by a negative of the copper layer image placed on the PCB.

2.Using Powerful UV light exposing undercover portions of the Board

   The powerful UV light makes the board hard and sustainable to the environmental conditions. The technology used in the development of this board is similar to the technology used in creating semiconductor with features that are measured in the tens of nanometers. Therefore, the method used in this PCB etching is fully capable of showing extremely fine features.

3.Submerging the solution of the entire board by removing the hardened photoresist

4.Using a copper etchant for the purpose of removing undesired copper from the board

   It highlights an interesting challenge in the etching process which is desirable in the anisotropic etching. By using the copper etchant, it is moved downward and the edges of the protected copper are unprotected and exposed effectively. On the other hand, thinner traces are associated with smaller ratios of the protected top layer and exposed side layer.

5.Drilling the holes in the PCB

   Holes are successfully drilled into the PCB for all different uses and electroless copper is deposited once the holes are successfully drilled in the PCB. The electroless copper is specifically used for the purpose of building up copper within the hole in the walls and creating the value for the electrical connection through the board.

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It shows the way PCB is made up and designed as designers need not  have years of work experience in manufacturing and assembling such PCBs that are solid in quality by understanding the way of doing things to ensure greater insights into both the how and why good PCBs are designed.

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