PCB Design–About PCB Design What you Need to Know

PCB Design is an exercise that may take a long time to master.

The first step to PCBs Design to choose PCB Design software.

There are many PCBs Design programs today, but you should choose what most PCBs Designers use. This includes such free and professional software as Eagle CAD and EasyEDA.

You can also go for paid versions such as Altium. Whichever you choose to use, you should start by putting together the circuit schematic. From the circuit schematic, you can then make your PCBs Design.

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As you make your PCBs Design, it is important to keep in mind the capacity and the capabilities of your target PCBs Manufacturer.

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For example, wellpcb.com deals with small and large online PCB orders of varying qualities depending on the customer’s choice.

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They can produce 2 to 32 layer PCBs. This means that if you plan to use wellpcb.com, you are free to make your PCBs Design have as many layers as you want.

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Emma Lu
Our professional engineering support saves our customers a lot of trouble and loss. >>>>>> After you place the order, our engineer will conduct technical reviews to make sure the parts can be mounted well/correctly on the boards. We will check if the component packages match well with the Gerber footprints, if the part numbers you provided match well with the descriptions, and if the polarity is clearly marked. >>>>> When your design is ready, please send your Gerber and BOM so we can quote and start!