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Circuits With Free Energy: Is it Possible to Make Free Energy?

About Circuits With Free Energy,Can we get energy for free? How can we get the power, and is there a way to store the electricity we collect? 

Below, we will look at a device that can sense and capture a band of energy around us. The primary circuit is a Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit. It is A free energy collector circuit that helps to convert surrounding radiofrequency waves to electric power. It has changed energy technologies for the better and produces a higher input power. 

1. Free Energy Circuits Concept Introduction

(Typical circuit configuration. The output voltage)

The World Power System was Nikola Tesla’s attempt to provide everyone with free energy. You broadcast electrical energy through the ground without wires. It is a Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit. 

It’s a simple concept. Radio frequencies are present in the air. Even when you are in the middle of nowhere, you can hear static electricity when the radio is on. Therefore, the air can offer us limitless power when we create a high-energy branch that manages the power supply. 

In other words, Tesla Coil is a radio frequency oscillator. It helps drive an air-core double-tuned resonant transformer to produce high voltages at low currents.  

2. Application, Advantages, and Shortcomings of a FREE Energy Circuits

Electrical Circuit

(Electrical Circuit) 


A free Energy Circuit may not generate kilowatts of power for your household to run on. It would help if you also considered the height and Broadness of the Antenna.  

One tube light turns on, one ceiling fan can run, one laptop can run, and one wireless modem can run on the inverter. In conclusion, radiant energy charges the inverter continuously. 

Furthermore, in the EB-scheme landscape, this occupancy effect can result in a highly efficient partitioning of electrons into high- and low-potential branches.

Reversibility is a potent component of a minimalistic model. In short, it tracks the redox state of the entire enzyme and not just the average state of its cofactors. At each reservoir’s chemical potential, three explicit electron reservoirs have the capability to exchange electrons. Models are explicitly modeled along the length of the high- and low-potential branches rather than just near the bifurcating site. Below we will look at the advantages and shortcomings.


Below are several advantages of using Tesla’s Free Electricity Electronic Circuit. Namely:

  • The energy is clean, economical, safe, and convenient.
  • A high-energy branch causes a strong electrical current and emissions from tailpipes are not present.
  • Power generation without pollution.
  • Once produced, it’s easy to maintain because it’s made of simple materials.
  • Clean, limitless power from graphene.   


As stated earlier, these circuits cannot generate thousands of watts from a simple circuit. A low-energy branch causes a low electric current. Below, other downfalls include: 

  • One time expense
  • Electron fluxes
  • Kilowatts of power 
  • Finally, partitioning of electrons

3. Can I make my Free Energy Circuits?

(Unipolar Tesla coil circuit )

What you will need:

In order to build a simple crystal receiver design, you need namely: 

  • Four Diodes
  • Two 100pF Ceramic Capacitors
  • Two 100uF electrolytic capacitors

Now that we have the basics, let’s move on to the steps of building and testing your Free energy Circuit. 

3.1. Build your Circuit/ Circuit Schematic

There are three simple systems at work in which the circuit comprises capacitors, which store energy, and diodes that direct it. Your input coil and first output coil (extra coil) are going to extend from the first magnetic field. 

Next, wire antennas vibrate on an atomic level when exposed to energy in the band of radio waves, among others. A series of ceramic capacitors will then meet this signal. You then connect a transistor to the Solid State Tesla Coil in a Tesla Coil Circuit. In conclusion, the inventor claims that this circuit can produce ninety times the input power.  

However, in the Tesla coil circuit diagram, the diodes with direct current charge the electrolytic capacitors in conjunction with the bridge rectifier in the circuit diagram. In brief, normalizing the amplitude makes the current flow constant and usable.

3.2. Use antenna and ground connection to test the free energy circuit

Radio Antenna

(Radio Antenna) 

Generally, the bigger the antenna, the better the electric power. The output power can improve when moving around the antenna. An insulated plate antenna or other metal objects help with the thermodynamic process. 

The best ground connection will be from the ground in front of your home. To begin with, you want to test your circuit with voltage inputs now. 

  • Connect a multimeter and start testing
  • Test the AC voltage of the ground and antenna
  • Finally, test the DC voltage of your circuit 

3.3. Test using the WIMSHURST machine

Next step,it appears an entire circuit is receiving signals in addition to radio signals. Electromagnetic radiation can take any form. Electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields. DC power generates by converting this energy into electronic circuits. During this test, you will see electricity being captured and stored in the air. It is why Nicola Tesla called it a Tesla Free Energy Air Circuit. Next, we move on to testing and optimizing your circuit. 

3.4. Test and Optimize Your Circuit

Nevertheless, If you do not have a WIMSHURST machine, you can test your circuit using a digital voltmeter and an Oscilloscope

Connect a voltmeter to the output first. Take it outside to a clear area if it’s not isolated from the environment and check connections. It will help you monitor your open-circuit voltage. There will be an immediate rise in voltage in the 10-100mV range. 

Connect the oscilloscope to the outside leads of the two ceramic capacitor banks. Next, connect the diodes to see the varying direct current. So that electrolytic capacitors can see an output current, the output voltage will normalize and convert into a direct current. As a result, this reaction shows a broader class of chemical reactions.

In Conclusion

For electron bifurcation to be effective, one electron must traverse the low-potential branch for every high-potential branch. Currently, free energy cannot power a whole household sustainably; however, with the Tesla Coil circuit, we collect energy from radio frequencies. Once the energy is collected, you can power some devices at home. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Free energy or anything else related to this subject. We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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