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Glx PCB Main-Using to Clean Your Pool

The flex PCB main is designed to be used alongside chlorination models. Comes with several parameters that allow the user to configure it easily.

It features a camera and is easy to use in whatever situation.

Comes with a board attached to the frame, and the back has circular grooves that allow it to fit perfectly well on its crucial slot. It also features two hex–head screws at the bottom that hold the board in place.

It can be removed easily by unscrewing and gently sliding the board until the plastic anchors are free from the key slots. Glx PCB Main

Glx PCB Main1.png

The flex PCB main also features a plastic standoff attached to the board and comes with a spring clip fitted at the rear end of the board.

To remove the standoffs, you need only squeeze the spring with a pair of pliers and remove the spade connectors. It comes with about 3-4 valve actuators and two heaters.

It also has a panel featuring a 100amp subpanel and equipment programmed to run daily schedules.

1. Glx PCB Main Key features

• It is salt chlorination ready and controls about 4-16 high voltage.

It is fitted with equipment heaters programmed to operate on demand. It features interlock protection whose sole job is to protect the equipment.

  • Layout
  • Comes with a remote DSP comm
  • Features a high-voltage relay
  • The valve is fitted with 1- 4-ampere fuse
  • It is fitted with a Tempe sensor terminal block
  • It has an E-cell plug
  • Local display power
  • Transformer input and output is 24 VAC
  • Comes with accessories and equipment
Glx PCB Main2.png

2.Adding Salt

Adding salt by brushing helps to speed up the rate at which it dissolves. However, care should be taken so that the salt does not pile up in the belly of your pool.

Notice that saltwater will accumulate at the bottom of the pool. It is recommended that you run a filter system and allow it to run for some time so that salt can be distributed throughout the collection.

Also, setting out the desired output through a control system will determine the level of chlorination.

For instance, in a 3hr cycle, setting the work at 50 % while allowing 9 hours to lapse means that chlorine will be produced at 50 % per hour for the three hours.

It means that the system reacts to a given percentage output.

Glx PCB Main3.png

Alternatively, one can go the super chlorination way where chlorine is added to help adjust the output level. To do this, one needs to press the menu option until the menu appears.

The right arrow should then be pressed until super chlorination occurs. This causes the system to produce enough chlorine.

The work of the excellent chlorination function is to allow for the production of more chlorine.

Notice that in some flex PCB main, the displayed salt level may differ from the actual level. This calls for the cleaning of the main’s cells or even replacing them.

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