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Small Outline Integrated Circuit-How To Choose

On Small Outline Integrated Circuit, With the popularity of integrated circuits, the need for them in a circuits board grew multiply. During the early days, all integrated circuits were packed only with single and dual-inline packages. Their massive size restricted the ability to forget the footprint of the electronics appliances. To make the integrated circuits more compact and smooth, the small outline integrated circuit was introduced.

Small outline integrated circuit1.png

1.Conversion and technology

The small outline integrated circuit(SOIC) usually takes only 30- 45 % of the total space required by their dual in-line package counterparts. Small shape integrated circuits only have 30 % thickness of the DIP package. Small outline integrated circuits have an identical pinout. And the performance other than the surface area.

Some of them are made to consume less power than the equivalent DIP package in some cases.  For low power application of that particular package.

Part numbers on the packages are sometimes shortened to fit in the reduced area. SOIC was widely used since the late ’70s.

The small outline integrated circuit has package information stating with the prefix SO.

The number following the prefix is usually the pin count of that specific integrated circuit.

Small outline integrated circuit2.png

2.SOIC standards and types

Integrated circuit packaging regulated and standardized to optimize the installment. And to reduce the machining cost during the proception of printed circuit boards and integrated circuit systems themselves.

In a small outline integrated circuit, the package size and pin sizes are made with reference.

Which are from the Electronics Industries Association of Japan and JEDEC solid-state technology association standards.

Although the EIAJ model had a body diameter of approximately 5.3 mm, the diameter depends entirely on the device.

Since there are many variants with different structural measurements, but, in most cases, small outline integrated circuits have a lead spacing of 1.25 mm.

SOIC has few variants such as small outlines J-leaded package(SOJ), shrink small outlines package(SSOP), small mini outlines package(MSOP), and small thin outline integrated circuit package(TSOP).

Small outline integrated circuit5_0.png

Each of the variants has a different body size and thickness. But, all of them will have the exact pin mapping and circuit configurations.

body size and thickness

3.Advantages of Small outline integrated circuit

The significant advantage of the small outline integrated circuits is the footprint reduction. Reduction in space consumption resulted in smaller printed boards sizes. SOIC also reduced the fabrication cost of the integrated circuits by reducing the materials used in the packaging.

Smaller size components are accessible to the assembly by a machine than a more significant size package. Since small outline integrated circuits are practically SMD, multi-layer boards are only possible through these types of packaging.

Small outline integrated circuit4.png
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