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What Is Arduino(Simple Valuable Introducing)

What Is Arduino serves as a valuable platform for building electronics projects.

It contains a microcontroller and software known as IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which runs on the computer. The IDE also serves in writing and uploading computer code to the board.



1.What is Arduino

It is now well-known for beginners in electronics, not like other programmable circuit boards. It does not need a different programmer to load any code on the board. All you need to get is a USB cable. Also, the IDE works on the simpler version of C++, which makes it easier to understand and learn.

2.Why use Arduino

The software is very easy for beginners and flexible for the more professional users who run on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Teachers and even students use to create scientific instruments, learn robotics and programming. Designers also make use of the software to create interactive prototypes.

Also, artists and musicians use it to install and experiment with their new instruments.

The reasons why people choose it:

Affordability; the board is more affordable than other platforms

The platform is clear and straightforward; beginners find it easy, while advanced users also find it flexible to use.

Cross-platform; the software runs on Macintosh OSX, Windows, and Linux.

It is open-source software; experienced programmers can expand the language of the software by using C++ libraries.

What Is Arduino

3.What does Arduino do?

This software and hardware is an essential tool that hobbyists, artists, hackers, newbies, and other people may wish to create interactive environments or objects.

The software easily interacts with motors, LED, speakers, internet, GPS units, buttons, and cameras. It works as the central brain behind many electronic projects.

Due to the simplicity, affordability, and flexibility of the software and hardware package, many users have made contributions to many of the projects to work with.   

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