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Cheap PCB Prototype – Something In Mind In selecting PCB Service

Every designer wants cheap PCB prototype. You must be looking for manufacturers who are providing affordable and reliable PCB prototype services. At the same time, you also do not want to compromise on the quality of these cheap PCB prototypes.


In this guide, we will tell you about the suppliers of cheap PCB prototypes. We will discuss the things that you need to consider while buying from them. I hope all of your concerns and doubts will be answered in this article.


You do not need to worry if your inexpensive PCB prototype would be able to last for long. Buckle up. A lot of valuable information is coming.

PCB Prototype and The World

1.1 What is PCB prototype?

To make any user-friendly product, you should always first test it on a small scale. Same goes with making any electronics products and devices. You should first make your printed circuit board (PCB) prototype, and then everything would start from there.


A PCB prototype comprises of connecting your circuit diagram on a breadboard. After that, you begin to make PCB of your circuit under observation.


Cheap PCB Prototype.jpg


Now, let’s get to how PCB prototyping is helping you? We know that making the right PCB these days is very crucial as it is the fundamental part of almost all the electronic products. It will cost you heavily if it fails to work or performs poorly after full production. So, if you make PCB prototypes, you can very well avoid this misfortune.


Furthermore, engineers often utilize PCB prototypes quite early in the development process. That is to check the functions of their product based on PCB. You can do several courses of prototypes to check redesigns and new features. In this way, you will identify the fault quite early and will save you time and money.


1.2 What is the current situation of cheap PCB prototype in the world?

Currently, there is price competition among the cheap PCB prototype suppliers around the world. Some of them are not taking care of the quality of their PCBs. If you are only taking into account the low prices, it may mean that you are losing quality.


We would recommend you to search for a factory rather than a distributor. The secret is that factory engineers will be more professional and your problems can be solved quickly.

Generally, Chinese suppliers are cheap and overseas ones are more costly. If you find a cheap foreign supplier, there is a chance that they are importing from China.


In this section, we introduced the PCB prototype and its position around the world. In the next one, we will tell you about its benefits.

Benefits of using Cheap PCB Prototype Board

2.1 Low Cost

With cheap PCB prototype, you are undoubtedly reducing your overall costs. You are producing PCB rapidly and at a low price. During testing, if you find problems in the circuit, then you can repair them before mass production. Thus, you are bypassing high risks and huge money loss.


2.2 Fast Turnaround Time

Many suppliers can produce prototypes faster than standard PCBs. You can even get them in only two days. Thus, you can check your latest designs more quickly and can smoothly continue your project.


2.3 Knack to Timely identify Faults

If you use a cheap PCB prototype rapid in the development process, you will:

  • Save lots of money


  • Save time for testing


  • Identify defects, and


  • Mend them in good time.



Moreover, it will become more expensive and complex to mend your PCB as soon as it goes into production and assembly mode. 


Cheap PCB Prototype.jpg


2.4 Knack to Check Components Separately

In complicated PCB-based products, it is hugely beneficial to check the parts individually. In this way, you can accurately locate the location of the fault. So, with cheap PCB prototypes, you can do this from the very beginning.


Cheap PCB Prototype.jpg



2.5 Effective Project Completion

You can make your projects more efficiently using cheap PCB prototypes. Can you guess how? It is just because you can locate and correct faults more quickly, keep the revenue, and attract customers. 


2.6 One-Stop PCB Solutions

It is a bad strategy if you involve many suppliers in your production process. You will have to deal with lots of problems in this way. There will be poor coordination among them to produce high-quality PCB prototypes timely.

So, you should go for a one-stop solution for expert firms that will emphasize on providing one-to-one service.


2.7 Better Estimation

You will be able to better estimate the timescale, expertise, development costs, and possible resource requirements.

In this section, we discussed the benefits of cheap PCB prototypes. In the next one, we will tell you about the points to consider while buying it.

Matters And Factors Need To Consider When Purchasing Cheap PCB Prototype

3.1 Quality

Quality is the first and foremost factor that you should consider while buying cheap PCB prototype. We will recommend you to never compromise on the quality of your PCB.


3.2 Budget

You always have a budget for buying a certain product. The same is true for buying electronics related products. Your budget will also decide about which cheap PCB prototype supplier you should go for. So, the crucial part is how to pick one at a reasonable price?


3.3 Reliability & Function

Keep a balance between the cost and turnaround time. If you are looking for quick turnaround time and low cost it may result in a few problems. The reliability and functions of the PCB prototype can get compromised this way.



Cheap PCB Prototype.jpg


3.4 Lead Time & Delivery

You should take into account the delivery and lead time while buying cheap PCB prototype. You will find suppliers offering quick delivery and fast turn manufacturing for cheap PCB prototypes. They will provide these services for all the customers across the globe.


3.5 Instant Quote Service

Professional firms will always tell you about your total PCB prototype cost. Therefore, you should always go for those manufacturers who are providing instant quotes on their websites.


In this section, we told you about the factors and matters to consider while buying cheap PCB prototype. In the next one, we will notify you about how it is manufactured.

Cheap PCB Prototype Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing cheap PCB prototypes involves the following steps:

1. Make a schematic of your circuit on suitable software like Altium, Eagle, CAD, etc.


2. After that, make a PCB layout.


3. Produce Gerber and drill files.


4. Upload them on the site of your chosen supplier, and


5. Pace an order after you are satisfied with the instant quote.


You should also tell whether you want to put the circuit in a package or not. If you select a package, you should also decide about the size of the components. Moreover, you should also control whether they should be put horizontally before printing out their drawings. After that, manufacturers test the board on paper before developing the PCB prototype.


Cheap PCB Prototype.jpg



Can you guess why we are recommending you to buy cheap PCB prototypes? There are numerous benefits in addition to the ones discussed in the previous section. You can also test your circuit at home, but there is a chance that you are not soldering correctly, a pad on PCB is detached, your testing equipment is faulty, or you do not have a third helping hand.


Cheap PCB Prototype.jpg



Hence, to avoid the problems mentioned above, you should find a professional PCB Manufacturing service. That is all for your convenience and comfort.


In this section, we explained how cheap PCB prototypes are manufactured. In the next one, we will tell you about their leading suppliers in China.

Cheap PCB Prototype Suppliers in China

Do you know many PCB prototype suppliers but don’t know their distinctions and advantages? Then, this section is specifically for you! A suitable PCB prototype supplier would be the one which satisfies all the points mentioned in section 4. If they are offering something more, then they are even better!


So, keep on reading if you are thinking about a suitable PCB prototype manufacturer. We are going to introduce one just now.


5.1 WellPCB Prototype Supplier

WellPCB – A Low-Cost PCB Prototyping And PCB Assembly Service- is based in China and deals with customers all around the globe. They have a motto of doing what customers think.


Therefore, you do not need to worry about any problems related to cheap PCB prototypes as WellPCB got you covered!


They offer online ordering, rapid PCB prototype service, fast delivery, and low cost. For double-sided PCBs, you can get 24-hour; for four to eight-layer PCBs, you can get 48-hour lead time; and for ten-layers or higher PCBs, you can get 120-hours.


5.1.1 How did WellPCB do it?

You would have noticed that many local suppliers would not tell you instantly about the price of your PCB. That is just because they cannot immediately see the specific price tag and thus they keep you waiting.


But, WellPCB has a solution to this problem too. They have developed an online quote and ordering system. It makes their PCB quotation system super-efficient. Along with the online quote, you can also apply for cash on delivery services.


You can pay after seeing the quality of the cheap PCB prototypes, and thus this gives you an edge. You will feel more satisfied, and it will remove any doubts you may have about the quality and performance.  


They use parts and material from international websites, and hence quality is guaranteed. They don’t compromise on quality to produce cheap and inferior products. They believe in providing only the best services to their customers.


Furthermore, their PCB prototypes are also quite cheap when compared to others. They also offer various services and promotions on regular or festive occasions. For the first time customers, you can get 3pcs of PCB for $1. You can also buy $1 coupon to get $100 cash for your order. If you are interested in them, register here and get to know more.


Hopefully, all of you will now be able to pick a reliable cheap PCB prototype supplier. The best here refers to what you are looking for in such a supplier. And, if you still don’t know about what you should look for then refer again to section 4.


That was all from us for today. We have tried our best to answer all your queries. If you have any further questions, then contact us without any hesitation. We are always ready to answer our customers. Ask us right away.

Hi, I am Hommer, the founder of WellPCB. So far we have more than 4,000 customers worldwide. Any questions you can feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance.