Quick Turn PCB-Ultimate Guide On How To Get Your PCB

Time is an essential factor in today's world. It is right to say that time is money. Having a flexible PCB with a quick turn-around time depends on this concept. It’s in line that we understand why customers would need a quick turn PCB manufacturing.


As a pcbshopper, the concept of quick turn PCB may already be a familiar term to you. In case you’re not well versed in the PCB niche, you may be asking yourself what quick turn PCB is?  


The entire concept of quick turn relies on the PCB assembly before the fabrication process.

1、Quick Turn PCB

1.Quick turn PCB definition

With time being an important factor today, most of the activities follow the strict guideline of saving on the precious resource. PCB manufacturing is not an exception and thus the need for quick turn PCB. Quick turn PCB manufacture ensures that the customer gets their printed circuit board on time. It implies that the manufacturer needs to carry out the entire process of achieving a PCB on a quick turn-around time frame.


There are some reasons why a quick turn PCB is of great importance to a customer. The following are some of these reasons in brief:


*Reduces delays 


*Quick turn PCB's saves the pcbshopper a lot of time that could have been wasted waiting for the printed circuit board.


*Reduces the manufacturing period


*PCB manufacturer may be a long process which may take some time but thanks to the quick turn PCB, the period is decreased thus delivering faster to the customer. 


2.Quick turn PCB prototypes

As you may have already read or known the concept of prototype PCB’s, then you are aware that it involves the designing of a PCB based on the pattern that was used on a previous version of it earlier. A process that is mainly done for inspection purposes so that any errors and adjustments can be made in good time.


The use of PCB prototypes assists manufacturers to tell possible defects that may arise on the original PCB and how to deal with them early. It also gives the manufacturer a chance to add more features to the PCB to improve performance and efficiency. After final fabrication, it is usually hard for changes to be made and that is why the prototypes are quite crucial to the manufacturer.


Quick turn PCB prototypes majors on the assembling models of the printed circuit boards just before final fabrication with a deadline of time. Therefore the entire process pegs its relevance on the time that is stipulated. Manufacturers offer these services to any pcbshopper who is keen on getting his or her PCB within a fast turn-around.


The pcbshopper would, however, need to have some prior requirements for the intended PCB before opting for a quick turn PCB prototype service, to confirm whether or not the specs match the services offered by the provider. 


Quick Turn PCB.jpg


Quick turn PCB prototypes have advantages. Some of these advantages include the following:


*Saves on cost of manufacture


*Having quick turn PCB's ensures that the errors and mistakes that could have occurred on the original PCB are avoided.


*Saves the customer time. Through checking the design early enough, the pcbshopper can verify the features of the PCB through its quick time prototype. It helps the manufacturer to save time that would have been applied in making changes at a later stage when the PCB has already been manufactured. 


*Enables the manufacturer make adjustments early. The fact that time is a precious resource and that the manufacturer is always looking at minimizing costs while maximizing the profits is the reason why quick time PCB prototypes are essential. These prototypes enable the manufacturer to get customer feedback early and make any relevant changes that would be suggested before manufacture or rather a fabrication.


Quick turn PCB prototypes generally take about 24 hours turn-around time to be completed. Therefore the customer doesn’t have to wait so long for the PCB prototype. It is an efficient way to make sure that the final product is of good quality.


3.Quick turn PCB fabrication

With a turn-around time of about 24 hours, quick turn PCB fabrication is fast and convenient for a pcbshopper. Most customers would love to outsource their PCBs from the professional manufacturers rather than doing it in-house, saving the cost of manufacture plus a lot of stress that can come with the process. 


As it’s the case, manufacturers have to keep pace with the demand from the market. It has necessitated quick turn-around PCB fabrication and manufacture. At WellPCB, you can make a quote of the PCBs that you want and get a quick turn-around delivery.

2、Quick Turn Flex PCB

Quick turn flex PCB generally has a turn-around time of 7-10 days fabrication process. The flex PCB has a myriad of advantages, and we can take a look at some of them below:


 * More flexibility. As the name suggests, flex PCBs suit circuits that require a lot of bending and flexibility. There is a special kind of devices which would require their use and application.  


 * Have improved resistance to vibration and movement. Flex PCBs are designed in such a manner that they are strong enough to withstand vibrations due to the circuit or environment. They are best suited for devices that require vigorous movement.


 * Incorporates the use of flexible flat cables


 * Since the circuit bends a lot, the need for these types of cables is evident. The cables take up less space as compared to traditional wires and at the same time bend more than them. They last longer due to their nature and are not prone to destruction.


 * ideal for harsh environs. These flexible PCBs are best for use in areas where the environment is harsh. They tend to last in such conditions where the standard PCBs would otherwise have trouble. 


 * Have high bending properties. Since they are flexible, these PCBs can bend up to 360 degrees without breaking. A type of flexibility that makes them useful for devices which require bending circuits.


 * Have high tensile properties. Flex PCBs can be warped and deformed without easily breaking apart.


 * Versatile. The application of flex PCBs is wide. They can be used for more compact devices and can also be applied in some areas.


 * Small package size. The fact that flex PCBs bend and can be stretched a lot makes their packaging easy. They don't need great packaging as they can easily be placed in small packaging.


Having looked at the advantages of using a flexible printed circuit board, it is also essential to take a look at the manufacturing and assembly advantages. The following are some of them:


 * Improved airflow. Flex PCBs have a better flow of air than their counterparts. They are best for circuits that require a lot of air to get in.


 * Increased reliability.  Flex PCBs are very reliable for usage due to their versatility and properties. They can be used for many devices plus their properties make them survive in areas where standard PCBs would not.  


 * Increased durability. Due to the high tensile and bending properties, flex PCBs can withstand rough handling. They can be warped and deformed without breaking easily. They can also be bent even to 360 degrees without breaking. They are majorly used in devices that undergo rough handling and extreme conditions. It is the reason why they are termed as durable.


 * Improved heat dissipation. Flex PCBs dissipate heat better than the normal circuits. A phenomenon contributed to by the fact that they let in the air quickly.  


 * Installation flexibility. Unlike other circuits which can pose a challenge during installation, the flex PCBs are easy to install due to their flexible nature.


 * Design freedom. Just means that the kind of design you use will not be limited when using flex PCBs. They give the manufacturer the freedom to choose between various designs for the circuit since they are flexible.


As you have seen, flexible PCBs have a lot of advantages both during their usage and at manufacture. They give the manufacturer and pcbshopper a myriad of choices on how to use and apply them. It’s the reason why they are versatile nature. You can apply for a quick turn flex PCB and experience the advantages for yourself.


Quick Turn PCB.jpg


Quick Turn PCB.jpg


3、Quick Turn PCB Assembly

In as little as 24 hours, you can get your PCB assembled for you. As a pcbshopper, time is of the essence, and that is why a quick turn PCB assembly is relevant. For the assembly process to be done quickly, the design of the PCB would also need to be fastened. There are different assembly types that you can get:


 * Surface mount. Mostly known as SMT by manufacturers.


 * Thru-hole.


 * Mixed technology. Usually a combination of both the surface mount and thru-hole.


 * Single or double-sided placement. Here, the manufacturer can either place the PCB components on one side or both depending on the customer’s needs.


Quick turn PCB assembly takes typically any time from 24 hours to 5 days latest. With WellPCB the turn-around time is incredible. You will not only get value for your money but also in a record turn-around time. The standard or somewhat normal assembly time can take anywhere between 5-10 days.  


During assembly, different solder types are used. The manufacturer can either use leaded, lead-free or water clean fluxes. The non-leaded variant is usually preferred to the leaded one due to the environment. The non-leaded solder is also ROHS compliant.


After the assembly process, the PCB is inspected thoroughly to ensure it is functioning and has no errors. In case of any errors or emissions, rework is carried out. Rework is however discouraged due to its uneconomical nature. It leads to massive losses and wastage of time while these two are precious resources. To avoid rework, manufacturers use the prototypes to make sure that the original PCB is up and functioning effectively, preventing any possible challenges that may occur later on during the usage of the PCB.


The other method used to check for errors is the DFM analysis, yet another great way to know if the circuit is functioning well or not. You can get a free DFM analysis with us and get to know whether the design of the PCB may affect its future functioning. We also offer other PCB testing services before manufacture to satisfy quality requirements.  


You can think about a quick turn PCB assembly and get your PCB in a record 24 hours or latest five days.

4、Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

Professionals create quick turn PCBs. Many individuals prefer to outsource their PCBs rather than make them in-house. You can trust for the manufacture of your printed circuit boards. 


In the manufacturing of PCBs, it is essential first to have a prototype. And as you may now be aware, the use of prototypes is well justified. It is necessary to use the prototypes for various tests that take place before manufacture to ensure that the original PCB does not get any hitches when finally being used.


For prototype boards to reflect what the original PCB would be like, it is essential to manufacture using high standards. Different regulations and standards guide the manufacture of PCBs. One of these standards includes the IPC class 2 specifications that should be followed keenly during the production of PCBs.


The IPC class 2 specifications demands dedicated electronic service products. These are products that are supposed to be of high-quality standards for the customers. At WellPCB, we ensure that all our PCBs meet the given specifications and requirements. You can, therefore, trust us for high quality and long lasting Printed Circuit Boards.


Quick Turn PCB.jpg


As technology continues to evolve, we are continuing to invest in modern equipment as manufacturers, to ensure that the quality standards are at par with the current market. It is in line with our target to serve the pcbshopper effectively.


PCB manufacturers have licenses for their operations and follow the standards of production. We ensure that all the products that we sell out to the customers are of good quality and meet the criteria. You can feel free to visit our website and check out what we offer regarding PCBs.

5、Quick Turn PCB China

There are numerous PCB manufacturers in China. Choosing a pcbshopper on which manufacturer to work with can be a challenge. It is often a competitive market, and the best quality is usually the savior. If you are looking for high quality, then WellPCB has you covered. We have been in the industry for an extended period and understood most of our customers' needs and requirements. Our products have the right amount of quality and are manufactured in the regulation of the standards that govern PCB manufacture and production. We carry out tests and analysis on the PCBs to ensure that they meet the needs of the client and that they are free of any errors and issues.


For a quick turn PCB in China or even outside the country, you can count on us to deliver. For PCB prototypes, you can get a quick turn-around time of just 24 hours. For the manufacturing and assembly process, you can expect anywhere from 5-10 days on average. To judge on which manufacturer to use, you can use the following pointers:


 * Speed. The speed of delivery matters a lot. Having stated more than once that time is money, we cannot overlook the importance of a quick turn-around delivery. At WellPCB, you will have your order delivered on time without any delays.


 * Efficiency. The services that you get from the manufacturer should be efficient and serve the purpose.


 * Quality. The products' quality is vital. You should pick a manufacturer that delivers quality products. The products should also meet the requirements set and several standards for the manufacturer.


 * Price point. Finally, the amount you pay for the PCB also matters. For pocket-friendly prices, WellPCB has you covered too.  Not to mean that the standard is low, but just a pointer to the value for money our customers enjoy.


In summary, quick turn PCB saves time and money. It saves time in that both the manufacturer and PCB shopper don't have to take time making changes after the manufacturing process is done. It also keeps on money as rework is avoided through the manufacture of prototype PCBs right before the manufacturing process. The turn-around time for these PCBs is also fast thus saving on time. 


In case of any inquiries, you can contact us through the following leads:

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