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PCB Components- 14 Important Tips for Choosing PCB Components

In choosing the appropriate PCB components that can bring your PCB design to fruition, there are some essential tips you should put into critical consideration. These tips are to be considered during the design process to make you derive an exotic PCB that will serve your needs. 


Most of the time, designers who do not take note of these tips have regrets and would have to restart the design process after wasting several components. No doubt, the following tips will help you achieve a high PCB that will meet your customers’ specifications and needs.

In choosing the appropriate PCB components that can bring your PCB design to fruition. There are some essential tips you should put into critical consideration. These tips are to be considered during the design process to make you derive an exotic PCB that will serve your needs. 

Most of the time, designers who do not take note of these tips have regrets and would have to restart the design process after wasting several components. No doubt, the following tips will help you achieve a high PCB that will meet your customers’ specifications and needs.

Choose Components During the Design Phase

The design phase of your PCB should be the stage where you choose your PCB components because your design will determine the appropriate parts to select from the market. In like manner, the ingredients available in the market will also influence your PCB design. 

Therefore, you should choose a design that captures the height, width. Other attributes of the component you want to use. These components include resistors, capacitors, transistors, and other necessary components. 

You may choose to create a new design requirement- compact design, power-oriented design, or affordable design – or you can choose from your previous designs. Following this tip will hint you on other parts of the design phase, including your component choice. 

Electronic circuit boards, expertly designed, excellent outcome for a PCB component.jpg

Think About Component Footprint Decisions

As a PCB designer, you must select PCB component footprints and land patterns that provide firm roots for the PCB components. You must ensure you settle for a print that matches the land design. As the datasheet shows, it’s perfect when you use the numeric keys to make a strategy.

A PCB designer who does not comply with the datasheet has a high tendency to get an incorrect component footprint, which can lead to many design errors.

Expertly designed and constructed footprints PCB components.jpg

Use Good Grounding Practices

The ground planes are essential parts of the PCB with components that should possess many bypass capacitors. After appropriate by an integrated circuit (IC) pin fixed capacitor, they will allow easy circuits and create room for fast performance. 

Wne cannot ignore these capacitors, so you should watch out for the size and frequencies. Ensure you prioritize good grounding practices during your PCB design process. 

Electronic PCB components design with good grounding.jpg

Separate Non-lead-free from Lead-free Components

When choosing a PCB component, it is essential to separate defined lead-free parts from the undefined to ensure a lead-free arrangement. If not specified, it is crucial to label all ingredients as lead-free. But note that this is only right when there is no alternative for the leaded solder in a particular project. 

A designer should not make this modification without the customer’s awareness because a variation exists between the lead-free and the non-lead free. For instance, the Government platform motherboard must use lead solder design.

Lead-free assembly on a PCB component.jpg

Assign Virtual Parts Footprints

The virtual parts contain ground and power signals. Wne need to consider these virtual parts during the PCB component schematic construction process. We cannot dispute the importance of the virtual parts during the process of designing PCB components. 

Get a better understanding of your PCB assembly‘s virtual parts when you keep in sync with the bill of materials (BOM) created by providing a list of virtual elements. 

The best thing to do is attach the PCB virtual parts to footprints and assign functions to them in line with the BOM to give an exotic design to the PCB. 

Virtual parts footprints, easy for proper cleanliness of PCB components.jpg

Ensure You Have Complete BOM Data

Another thing to give absolute attention to is the Bill of Materials data. The BOM data must be complete. You can follow the BOM report for informationAfter that, review and fill in the manufacturer’s information on every part before you advance to the PCB design stage. 

A complete BOM can help PCB suppliers work faster and solve some problems as soon as possible.

BOM data, charts, and guidelines for the proper information of PCB components.jpg

Sort Reference Designators

The reference mark (RD) is part of the BOM, which specifies each PCB component’s usage and how to find it.

Sorting the reference indicator is another thing because it helps to arrange the contents of the BOM. To effectively work with your reference designators, you must endeavor to number them for a comfortable mechanism and review. 

It Means that your reference number must correspond to your BOM data and keep in mind before PCB design.

Reference designators and guide for the use of BOM data in PCB components.jpg

Check Spare Gates

To ensure that the whole PCB system is working effectively, you must check out for every additional barrier. The other door is essential because you want to connect the input to the signal to act as a part that won’t float.

To promote PCB independent functions, every spare gate in the drawing helps to understand and run the board for the team members. The component symbols made for PCB layout and finally printed over the PCB board are helpful during PCB assembly must be correctly positioned, especially when connecting to an unwired input. 

PCB component spare gates created to connect unwired inputs.jpg

We Need to Fill the Pads

Via-in-pads are holes reserved to help provide a good fit for the PCB components and ensure perfect connectivity among the different elements. 

The primary function of PCB Via is to ensure that power is available between all connections in the PCB. They are essential to prevent any interloping that could lead to severe destruction. 

Another Via role is to ensure that the solder does not float when assembling the entire assembly, thereby enabling reliable soldering.

Filling of via-in-pads holes in PCB component for correct connection.jpg

One Pad For One Connection

The composition of the PCB components must follow the one-pad-for-one-connection rule for proper alignment during the assembling process. If there is a mix of components on the pad, such as capacitors and resistors, you must recreate another pad.

Please, always avoid creating pads that do not match with the size of other pads because it facilitates imbalances in the solder joint.

 Peradventure, there would be a contact between the plane; do not forget to clarify the pads. 

PCB component pads and holes for excellent alignment.jpg

Consider the Component Package Choice

It would help if you chose the PCB components package to supplement your aesthetics design and intrigue your customers. tIss another essential tip that some PCB designers fail to follow, and it is working against them. 

Choose a component package that can add a touch of perfection to your design, and it will speak well about your proficiency as a PCB designer. 

PCB component package style.jpg

The Land Design Matches the Setup of Leads on a Component

It would help if you used a well-framed land design pattern to match the setup of leads on each PCB component. It automatically gives each PCB component a structure that provides room for the placement of other properties needed to complete the PCB setup. 

For once, PCB designers should not ignore the importance of a land design that corresponds with the setup of leads that are on the component. 

PCB component land design structure to fit setup leads.jpg

Address Your Component Delivery

It is unrelated to the designing section, But this is another technique for making a PCB with perfectly formed components. And this focuses on the component’s delivery aspects. According to the BOM, the PCB components should be delivered in parts to ensure the appropriate organization of all the kits. 

For example, manufacturers may accidentally call unnamed materials on the BOM. Let’s say an extra component of 20% addition of 0201 1k ohm resistors. You should not, for any reason, mix the ingredients to avoid unnecessary hiccups. Instead, package the extra parts in a separate bag with appropriate labeling. 

It is essential to come into agreement with your manufacturer on the best means to convey the components. It is to prevent some of the usual problems faced during the process of delivery. 

PCB component delivery for mobility.jpg

PCB on Both its Top and Bottom Sides

You must consider the house that the PCB will have. It involves paying attention to the PCB height, including the top and bottom sides, to derive an adequate PCB at the end. It also encompasses understanding the PCB’s perimeter and how to structure it for easy mobility and portability.

Also, some PCB components have height restrictions, so you have to ensure that your component choices are feasible. 

PCB components housing and packaging.jpg


The clues above are essential for all PCB designers to put in mind to derive their desired PCBs with incredible components. Following these tips will give you an elegant PCB, and you will also get yourself a PCB that will serve your needs or the needs of your customers. 

Regarding the selection of PCB components, I believe you have a lot of knowledge. If you like to read more, you can contact WellPCB. Wne have 10 years of PCB production experience, help you solve problems, and provide quality services. What are you waiting for? Please circuit board shopping, various things might get you confused.  Whether you are going for a single-sided PCB, a double-sided PCB, or any other type of PCB, You can contact us!

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