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WELLPCB, your most reliable PCB Prototype supplier

WELLPCB PTY LTD is an Australian printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer supplying WellPCBs at overseas prices. We have our own PCB manufacturing factory in China and a dedicated distribution and service centre in Australia. Because we utilize the latest in pcb maker in photo tooling technologies, we can reduce your costs considerably, allowing us to incorporate many desirable options free of charge. So a value for prototype pcbs and supply service that’s fast, local and cheap.
We specialize in the manufacturing of PCB Prototypes. We can utilize production ready tooling for larger volumes to save you the repeat tooling costs, so if you have made the prototypes using our services there are no further charges involved for setting up your production quantities. We provide a local PCB Prototype Service with large industry backing.Here,you can find cheap pcb manufacturer which can meet your requirements.

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How to Make Holes in SMT Stencil

Whether you are making a DYI surface mounted PCB or it is a PCB prototyping factory dealing with SMT PCBs, solder paste is always used. It is applied onto the SMT pads and then it is passed through a reflow oven to solder the electronic devices firmly on the copper surface. To apply the solder paste on the SMT pads, the most economical method is to use an SMT Stencil.

Some Questions Met When Designing PCBs

Usually,there are always some questions met when you designing your PCBs, today i will introduce some questions about designing rapid PCBs and what should focus on.

PCB Rapid Prototype

One thing to note about PCB Prototyping is that it is different from PCB Manufacturing. PCB Prototyping is characterized by changes, while PCB Manufacturing involves mass production of the same design. Before you commission your PCB design for mass production, it is best for you to pass it through PCB Rapid Prototyping.