WellPCB Rigid-Flex PCB Capabilities



Build Time

3days - 2weeks

Board Size

Min 6mm x 6mm
Max 457mm x 610mm

Board Thickness

0.6mm - 5.0mm

Copper Weight (Finished)

0.5oz - 2.0oz

Min Tracing/Spacing


Solder Mask Color&Silkscreen Color

Same as Normal PCBs

Surface Finish

HASL - Hot air solder leveling
Lead - free HASL - RoHS

Min Drilling Hole Diameter


Impedance control


Other Techniques

Gold fingers
Stiffener (only for PI/FR4 substrate)

Rigid-Flex PCB Stack-Ups Structures and Design

Non-lamination rigid-flex board
Non-lamination rigid-flex board
Lamination rigid-flex board
Lamination rigid-flex board
Flex layer in Inner layer
Flex layer in Inner layer
Flex layer on outlayer
Flex layer on outlayer

Rigid-Flex PCB Benefits and Applications

Benefits of Rigid-Flex PCB

The PCBs come with a host of benefits when used in both domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Rigid-flex PCB is preferred because:
  • It allows you to manufacture or buy a board that fits into your device.
  • It is light weighted, compact and reduced size.
  • It is designed to fit any area. This is an important aspect especially when miniaturization is critical in designing devices. Since it can be folded, it can suitably be used in smaller devices.
  • Rigid-flex PCB does not have solder joints, contacts or connectors. This improves the integrity and reliability of the application.
  • When used, fewer circuitry failures are expected.
  • A rigid-flex PCB can withstand extreme temperatures because it has enhanced thermal stability and is made of polyimide which is superior. It makes them reliable and ideal for medical and military applications.
  • Fewer materials are required when assembling them.
  • They are both UV and radiation exposure resistant. They are also resistant to oils and harsh chemicals.
  • They are designed in such a way that they allow for surface mounting on either side of the board.
  • They come in different layout which meets the customers’ requirements. They are robustly manufactured and can withstand shock, aggressive industrial conditions and vibrations.

Applications of Rigid-Flex PCB

Things to Consider when Buying Rigid-Flex PCB

The rigid-flex PCBs have great features that make them best suited for a wide range of applications. Therefore, it is important that you consider what your circuitry design requirements are before choosing .For the requirements of space and weight may lead you to choose rigid, flexible or rigid-flex PCBs. In addition,buying more PCBs is economical compared to just buying one or two. So if you are a regular user, ensure that you make bulk purchases to cut on costs.

How to Get Rigid-Flex PCBs Price

Our engineering team can assistance you of your design requirements and applicaiton all the way to end product production for all your flex and rigid-flex circuit needs.

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