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PCB Printer-Simple Compare Which is Better

PCB Printer-Simple Compare Which is Better Printer


The PCB printer is becoming more popular and common in the modern world. Technology allows for printing of a more complex circuits that are used to make the printer.PCB printers have introduced new ideas in the future of electronic consumers. They appeared on the scene in 1990s and are believed to have been inspired by DARPA.

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1.Types of PCB printers


1.Types of PCB printers

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1.Optomec printers

They are manufactured by Potomac.The printer is funded by the Israel office; the ministry of Economy. It is the world’s number one 3D PCB printer and is capable multilayer prints. Reasonably priced and ideal for small businesses. It was developed by students and is a circuit board prototyping machine. The printer’s great performance won it the Dyson award.

Even though the printer is not sleek, it is a great printer for start-up businesses. It is a multilayer 3D printer that works great.

2.The Diyouware PCB printer

Most printers have the trouble of vibrating, which is thought to be a big problem to many businesses. As a result, there was need to come up with a printer that does not vibrate. Diyouware was designed with this in mind. It is a PCB printer that is powered with Arduino Mega, A4988 motor drivers and RAMPS.

3.DrogonFly 2020

It is another PCB printer that can be used to maximise in house prototyping.


It is important to note that PCB printing technology is still growing and as it stands now, it is likely to take the printing industry to the next level. The PCB printers are becoming popular owing to its function ability. They have found a lot of application in small scale businesses. Unfortunately, the printers have limitations owing to the fact that they are silver based nano inks. This means that they can only withstand specific temperature ranges. Thus, the ink must be engineered to behave in a particular manner.

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