The Powerful Eagle PCB Software

Eagle PCB avails electronic inventions with a set of new schematic editing tools. It is a powerful software that comes with easy to use tools. The software is designed for professionals, makers, and students. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The new PCB software features the following:


Schematic Editor


It is a new software with new modular design blocks that can be dragged and dropped into the project. These are reusable blocks that come with a synchronized PCB circuitry and schematics.


The Powerful Eagle PCB Software.png


Multi-Sheet Schematic Design


It is one of the eagle PCB features whose job is to ensure that the sophisticated schematic design remains organized to enable the project to grow depending on your needs.


Schematic Rule Check


The software come with a set of electronic rule check which ensures that your schematic stay on track


PCB Synchronization


It ensures that the synchronization is real time and that all changes stay in sync between the layout and the schematic. This is important to ensure that you focus on creative process.


Object Alignment Tools


The tools can be used to arrange and align your work


Obstacle Avoidance PCB Routing


It allows the designer to maneuver around the design and get the trace to the destination.  


PCB Routing


It helps to create a beautiful layout faster. It comes with tools that can be used to remove the loop via cornering and placement.


BGA fan-out


It allows the engineer to fan out any algorithm that escapes the BGA nets manually.


Selection and Editing Tools


They allow one to quickly select and edit objects in the PCB and schematic layout.  They allow for editing grouped objectives.


Assembly Variants


It helps to manage variations of the Base PCB easily and helps to fit them as needed.


High-Speed Design


It helps to route different interfaces such as USB3.0, PCIe, and DDR$


Design Rule Checking


It is one of the eagle PCB features that control the design flow and eliminates surprises. It comes with customizable PCB design rules & constraints.