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An Easy Approach To Make PCB At Home(Helpful)

An Easy Approach To Make PCB At Home(Helpful)


On Easy Approach To Make PCB At Home, From the term PCB, we mean Printed Circuit Boards which are used to maintain circuit in TV, computer and other electronic devices. PCB is the best way to avoid the risk of any circuit failure and loose connections. It is very cost friendly and one can safeguard very complex kind of circuits within a confined space with copper tracks that are made to interconnect the connections with each other.Though the industrial procedure of make PCB is quite complex and expensive machinery is required to make it on larger extent but for the ease of users here we are going to elaborate a simple and concise method of developing PCB at home.

Before discussing the method of making a PCB, we will tell our readers that PCB can be made through two basic methods, let us go through them briefly;


1. Two Methods to Make PCB

2. Materials Required

3. Basic Steps before Making a PCB

4. Detailed introduction

5. WellPCB

1. Two Methods to Make PCB

  1.1.Glossy paper Method.

  1.2.Making circuit by hand on PCB.

2. Materials Required:

  2.1.Laser printer


  2.3.Copper covered cover

  2.4.Engraving solution



  2.7.Plastic wire

  2.8.Glossed paper

  2.9.Blade cutter

3. Basic Steps before Making a PCB

  3.1.Make a print out of PCB layout with the help of laser and glossed paper and make the print out on glossy side of paper.

  3.2.Cut the board covered with copper equivalent in size of layout.

  3.3.Use a sponge scrub to smoothen the copper sides of PCB.

  3.4.Shift the PCB print to the copper plate.

4. Detailed introduction

 Method 01:

Glossy Paper Method

An Easy Approach to Make PCB at Home1.png

  1.Shift the image on the photo paper to the board by placing the copper surface on the printed layout.

  2.Use tape to fix the board and printed paper accurately on their allocated positions.

Method 02:

Hand –Made Circuit on PCB

Draw a rough sketch on the copper plate with lead pencil and later trace it with the help of marker.

Iron the circuit on the PCB plate with the image towards the copper side.

With the help of pliers hold the one end and put hot iron on the other end and continue to iron the whole paper with some pressure.

Iron heat will make the ink to print the image on the copper plate from the glossy paper.

Once ironing is done, place the printed plate in lukewarm water, you will see the paper dissolving into water.

An Easy Approach to Make PCB at Home2.png

Remove the paper gently.

Now comes the time to etch the plate which requires much care.

Dissolve 2 to 3 teaspoons full of Ferric Chloride powder in water and dip the PCB into the solution for 30 minutes.

FeCl3 reacts with copper and unwanted copper gets removed from PCB.

Cu +FeCl3 = CuCl3 + Fe

Wait for two minutes till whole copper is removed.

Last but not the least came the final steps of disposing off the adhesive solution as it is quite destructive in its pure form so better to dispose of it after diluting the solution with water.

Use thinner to get rid of excessive ink on the plate exposing copper surface.

An Easy Approach to Make PCB at Home3.png

Make holes with the help of drill and fix all the components to the board.

For a typical green look, use solder resistant paint on the PCB lacquer.

Your home made PCB is ready to fix and install in any place of requirement.


  1. Always be careful while touching the surface while using Ferric chloride solution. It is better to use gloves to perform this job.
  2. Never touch the copper plate while ironing because it will be quite hot at that time and may bun your fingers

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