PCB Forum-Ultimate Guide About Viewing Forums

The world of fast-moving technology and the increasing use of the internet has caused our world to become a global village. In this era of modern technology, we have different communication platforms like online chat like Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Many PCB forums have the vast attention of users to discuss their problems about the technical domain. These technical forums are very significant and help users learn from other users’ experiences and share their own experiences on the technical platform/forum to benefit others.

1.Popular PCB Forum

Some of the popular PCB forums are






These are the main forums on which you can sign in and create an account. You can post the blog or write and upload articles. Post your comment on any blog/article or like the comment/blog/article etc.

2.PCB ForumMethod to use PCB Forum

To get precisely your problem, you first enter the keyword of your problem in the search tab bar. Then enter. The search results will show you relevant results. Check out the results and click on the closer solution to the problem.

If you get two or more options that have more relevancies, check the solution/blog/article/comment that has the most likes. Or higher reviews.

This will help you to find the best solution to your problem.

People can ask for expert services from professionals. These professionals can give the solution free, or they can ask for money, but usually, a solution or a piece of advice is free.

► Altium Forums

Some forums have a live chat like the one with ALTIUM. You can chat live with the expert and get a solution.


The above snapshot is the ALTIUM forum user login

► ALL about Circuits Forum

ALL about Circuits

The above is the All about circuit’s forum

► Arduino Forum:


The above is the All about circuit’s forum

The majority of these PCB forums are concerned with PCB, Circuits, and general electronics. As we can see from the above snapshots, the general topic is considered for forum discussion.

These general topics include the short circuits in PCB, Flexible PCB strip designs, PCB track, How to add the logo in Gerber of PCB.

One can also develop their website to share personal experiences and details and use the platform as a learning source.

► PCB ForumEEV Blog Forum:

EEV Blog

The above is the snapshot of the EEV Blog website.

This blog also has exciting things about electronics, circuits, and PCB/PCBA.

PCB Forum5.png

► Repair and Maintenance:

Commonly, the electronic equipment gets faulty; then, the user is very afraid to solve/repair the fault.

Then they search on the internet for a service manual or datasheet or application note something similar. But when they are unable to find any resource, they go to the public PCB forum or you-tube video to check for any relevance to their repair/troubleshooting problem.

► PCB ForumExample:

The best example is the HP brand. This brand/manufacturer, when selling the electronic, electrical equipment they do not usually provide a “Service Manual.” The service manual is a comprehensive file/folder containing schematics, PCB, Parts used, Blueprint, wiring diagram, error codes, LED indicator meaning to check for the Indicator LED status, Calibration procedures, etc.

PCB Forum6.png

Commonly the HP manufacturers do not supply such information and keep it confidential. Also, the part numbers of HP/Agilent are dedicated and cannot be traced on the internet.

In such a case, the user has to contact the HP supplier in his country/region. Then they ask for high service fees, and in most cases, they say to purchase or replace instead of repair, which is costly. Hence people/users go to such forums and find solutions and repair procedures etc.

PCB Forum–Conclusion

Generally, the dedicated electronics hardware, including professional PCBs and PCBA developed by specific brands like HP/ Agilent/Key-sight, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, require a high level of engineering skills it comes to repairing and maintenance as the hardware service manual and part numbers are nearly impossible to find on the internet. Hence if the product is under warranty, immediately contact the supplier; otherwise, check the online blogs/forums where people have shared their success of repair/services on the internet.

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