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9 Ways to Make Flexible PCB Manufacturing Process Perfect

There are several ways that you can follow to make the process of manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards perfect. While they all work out, some could turn out to be better than the other, and some are cheap while others are expensive. Flexible printed circuit boards, also referred to as flex circuits in other terms, are PCB that can easily bend or twist.


While manufacturing flexible PCB may be quite a tasking process, there are several ways to ensure that your flexible PCB manufacturing process is perfect. This instructable should help you with nine ways of making the manufacturing of flex PCB perfect.

You can follow several ways to make the process of manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards perfect. While they all work out, some could turn out to be better than the other, and some are cheap while others are expensive. Flexible printed circuit boards, also referred to as flex circuits in other terms, are PCB that can easily bend or twist.

While manufacturing flexible PCB may be quite a tasking process, there are several ways to ensure that your flexible PCB manufacturing process is perfect. This instructable should help you with nine ways of making the manufacturing of flex PCB perfect.

Design Guide

Unlike rigid printed circuit boards, flexible PCB requires a different approach. Even though flex PCB is lower in weight, slightly cheap to manufacture, and consumes little space, their design needs optimization for both for their use cases and materials. There several ways of ensuring that we have in place high-quality flex design; the following are essential things to note in the design guide:

  • Get to understand the bendability level of the flex PCB in terms of how many times it can bend.
  • plating and exposure.
  • Keep an eye on the layer count since more layers mean better functionality. 
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Consider the Flex PCB Materials

To ensure that you turn out the entire process of manufacturing flex board PCB perfect, then you need to ensure that you use the right stuff. The reason being the functionality and dependability of a flex PCB depends on the materials used to produce it. Therefore, it is vital to improving the substrate material to improve your printed circuit board’s technical performance. Most conventional boards have a metal base or fiberglass, but flexible circuit cores have elastic polymers. Plenty of flex PCB has a polyimide film as its substrate. A flexible printed circuit board also needs a particular base material or adhesive for all its layers to attach. Initially, PCB makers relied only on adhesives, though such a method minimized a PCB’s reliability. You can use other materials, including flexible substrate materials like overlay, FCCL, solder mask, prepreg, and Halogen-free substrate materials. Therefore, flex PCB material matter the most.

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Do not Make all Circuits Flexible.

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It is hard to imagine a world without flexible PCBs. However, flexible printed circuit boards are not expected to replace rigid printed circuit boards in the short term.

There are plenty of reasons why manufacturers should not manufacture the entire printed circuits and make them stiff. For several products that require a wiring solution, flexible courses are still essential and are highly recommended solutions. These cabling solutions can adapt to problems that cannot be solved by rigid solutions, lightweight, thin products (which tend to be durable), and miniaturized versions of existing technologies.

Flexible circuits are known for their shock and vibration resistance in addition to utilizing small spaces. Again, to make the manufacturing process of flex PCB (flex PCB prototype or the final product) perfect, it would be good if manufacturers of these products do not make all of them rigid. 

Choose a Reliable Flex PCB Manufacturer

There are hundreds of flex PCB manufacturers doing business globally, but you must do your homework before choosing an assignment to use. So, how do you ensure that your flex manufacturing process is perfect.. in short, there are a few things that you need to factor in. For instance, you need to ensure that they are registered and licensed to conduct business.

Additionally, they must be experienced enough, not forgetting that they should be able to manufacture a flexible PCB that will meet all your needs. You also need to ensure that they get their materials from the right sources and that their products’ quality is second to none. Reliable flex PCB makers are those who can quickly provide you a quote, have a secure ordering and tracking process of customers’ shipments, and are ready to handle any complaints or corrections within the shortest time possible.

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Integrated Solutions

Before proceeding, an integrated solution is a result that comes out from solving a problem that integrates two or more functions in a technology or a business to maximize a firm’s financial value. When it comes to the manufacture of flexible printed circuit boards, you can make the manufacturing process perfect by having integrated solutions type of working. With integrated solutions, you will be better positioned to find answers, information, and any other challenges from two or more systems to ensure that the functioning of a flexible board sub-parts gets interlinked and streamlined to work as a single unit in an integrated approach.


Since flexible printed circuit boards tend to be somewhat versatile, even slight changes to customer tastes and preferences demand urgent or rather latest technological trends to manufacture them. Technology remains highly useful in plenty of industries across the globe, with the design and manufacturing of flexible printed circuit boards being one of them.

To ensure that the manufacturing process of flex PCB is perfect, it would be important to employ several flex PCB manufacturing technologies such as drilling, etching, hot melting, and sharp processing, to mention but a few. For instance, engraving ensures that a manufacturer can employ precise and computer-aided software to come up with high-quality PCB. On the other hand, drilling technology ensures there’s excellent connectivity between several layers, not forgetting that drilling is the foundation for vias.

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Desmear and Pitting

In December, some of the most critical steps propose. If the goal is to ensure that the flexible correct PCB service provider. Thankfully, there are various PCB manufacturing process is perfect, it cannot ignore. First, Desmear employs controlled chemical reactions to get rid of epoxy resin inside the drilled holes of a printed circuit board. Pitting, on the other hand, is a means of ensuring that you avoid corrosion in a PCB since corrosion is always a significant cause of PCB failure.

To ensure that the flex PCB manufacturing process is perfect, You may need to perform decontamination and pitting before proceeding to the next step. By ignoring this crucial step, you may end up with a board containing a little bit of dirt and resin that may later damage the entire board.

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Regardless of the manufacturing process, testing remains a central element of the entire operation, failure to which you’ll fail to detect defects that would eventually bring about product failure once they are in the market. If you aren’t aware, the long term effects or outcomes will probably be reduced client confidence and an abysmal reputation for your entire brand. 

For this reason, it is vital to conduct several tests at first to ensure that there’s complete functionality of the board before you can release it to the market. Some of the most common tests include the in-circuit analysis that helps identify any issues with flex PCB before they get integrated into one large unit.

Another popular type of analysis is the Specialized Automated Test (ATE), which looks for any incidences of short and open circuits, verifies the passive control measurement, and whether the supply voltage, diodes, and transistors work as they should. As evident, testing is highly essential if you intend to avoid errors and problems that might have been overlooked, especially during the production stage. You do not want problems and failures in your flexible PCB once they hit the market. 

Superior Packaging Options

Are you done with manufacturing your printed circuit board(s)? If so, then you may have to package them nicely and attractively. There are plenty of packaging options that you can use, but some of the most popular and cost-effective ones include poly bags, paper bags, paperboard boxes, and side gusset bags.

Others include corrugated boxes, bottle and cap packaging, and plastic boxes. When it comes to packaging flex PCB, ensure that you package them in vacuum-sealed moisture-barrier bags. Additionally, you may have to ensure that you resort to desiccant packs for adequate moisture protection. Superior packaging will ensure that your entire work does not go to waste while helping to extend the life of your flex PCB. 


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