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How to Use EasyEDA to design PCB Schematic Step By Step

Are you new to PCB design? Whether you are a beginner or need reliable software to try out your ideas, you can benefit from using EasyEDA.

It is a free PCB design software, and we are teaching you how to use it step by step. Keep reading and discover why it is easy to learn using EasyEDA, and why it has become a user favorite throughout the world!

Are you new to PCB design? Whether you are a beginner or need reliable software to try out your ideas, you can benefit from EasyEDA.

It is a free PCB design software, and we are teaching you how to use it step by step. Please keep reading and discover why it is easy to learn using EasyEDA and why it has become a user favorite throughout the world!

The Ease of PCB Design

Have you ever considered what type of printed circuit board you need? Do you have the perfect design in mind, and you only need a tool that will turn your wishes into reality?

The abbreviation EDA stands for electronics design automation, and EasyEDA is a tool that will help you design the desired PCB quickly and effortlessly.

Even if you don’t have a particular design in mind, this software is perfect for you. It will allow you to experiment with different layouts without having to pay a single cent. The program is free, and you can run it online or download the software.

EasyEDA is the perfect PCB design software for beginners. Regardless of the effect you want to achieve with your board, you will find this tool a convenient solution for your design.

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How to Design a Schematic Diagram with EasyEDA

EasyEDA logo.jpg

Would you like to learn how to design a schematic diagram in several simple steps? Take a look at this detailed EasyEDA tutorial, and see how easy using the software is!

Step 1: Choose the way to use the software

EasyEDA offers you to choose between online and offline modes. If you want to use the software immediately, you can run the Online Editor in a couple of seconds. Otherwise, feel free to download the Desktop Client, available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The core features of the software are forever free. However, you can get many useful additional perks if you choose to subscribe.

Step 2: EasyEDAStart a Project

Once you open EasyEDA, it is time to begin working on your schematic.

Start by initiating a new project:

EasyEDA – Starting a new project.jpg

And then pick an option to begin working on a New Schematic:

EasyEDA – Creating an original schematic.jpg

Step 3: EasyEDAPlacing Components

You will find a selection of components to place in your schema on the design. Setting the symbol on the project involves clicking on it in the menu and then putting it on the project.

 EasyEDA – Placing components.jpg

Feel free to browse the library with numerous components spread across various categories. Users also have the option of searching for a particular element. All you have to do is to type what you want to find.

EasyEDA – Search for a particular component.jpg

It is time to choose a resistor. Once you pick it from the library,  add it to the project.

EasyEDA – Adding a resistor.jpg

Please note the Design Manager on the right side of the screen. If you want to remove a component, you can easily do that by selecting it and pressing delete.

Step 4: EasyEDAJoining the Components

The next step is joining resistors and components. All that takes is to hit the “W” button on the keyboard. That will open a wiring tool, which will help you to join everything:

 EasyEDA – Joining the components.jpg

We have the schematic ready now, and we should convert it to a design layout of your printed circuit board. Take a look where you can find the Convert option below:

EasyEDA – Converting the Schematic.jpg

Once the conversion completes, the screen will remind of this one:

EasyEDA - Completed Conversion.jpg

Step 5: Finalizing the Process

You should now position the desired components inside the edge of your PCB. Pick them and use PCB tools for connections. Here is where it all depends on how you want to connect the components, but here is an example:

If you click on Photo view, you can check out how your layout looks:

Another useful function of EasyEDA is to include solid copper at the board’s top layer.

Are you happy with the design? If the answer is yes, go ahead and save it.

Tip: You can also check this video tutorial posted online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of EasyEDA Compared to Other Software

EasyEDA offers some fantastic features, but is it the most reliable solution out there? Can it win the KiCad VS EasyEDA battle?

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of this software when compared to the alternatives.


  • The tool is incredibly easy to use and beginner-friendly.
  • A massive library of components that allows you to draw schematics quickly.
  • You can download a desktop client for Windows, Linux, and Mac. But if you don’t want to install it on your PC, you can also run a free Online Editor with the same functions.
  • EasyEDA allows you to import schematic and other files from KiCad, Eagle, and other tools.


•  It is a relatively new software that hasn’t been around as long as KiCad. However, it has been getting the attention it deserves lately.

What Do the Users Say about EasyEDA Software?

The best way to check a program’s quality is to see what existing users think of it. Here is a small part of the feedback provided by EasyEDA users.

We came across an EasyEDA review that emphasizes the simplicity of using the software. The learning curve is short, and you should learn how things work in minutes.

Another user pinpoints the importance of a community-built database of components. Thanks to that, you may encounter some unique components to this database, and you can’t find them anywhere else.

Finally, users also love the fact that EasyEDA supports multiple platforms. Whether you want to use it on different Windows, Mac, or Linux versions, it will be possible. You can also take advantage of the Online Editor and store all your data on the cloud.

Once you finish the design, it is also possible to share it with other users.

Ordering Your PCB

Apart from putting you in charge and letting you design the desired PCB, EasyEDA enables simple ordering that only takes a couple of minutes.

Here is why you should order from EasyEDA:

  • Professional staff with years of experience in the business.
  • Experts capable of following your order to the smallest detail.
  • State-of-the-art equipment is capable of handling the design of any complexity.
  • Affordable rates for all users.

EasyEDA–How to Place an Order

You can place an order for your printed circuit board by visiting the EasyEDA website. First, create a free account on the site and log into it. If you are using a desktop client, use the same data for logging in there.

Next, choose Fabrication Output:

The software will open a page on the EasyEDA website. From there, you can place an order and use the affordable rates offered.


As you can see, it is simple and enjoyable to use EasyEDA and place an order via the website. In case you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. We are also looking forward to getting in touch with you if you have your PCB design ready!

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Our professional engineering support saves our customers a lot of trouble and loss. >>>>>> After you place the order, our engineer will conduct technical reviews to make sure the parts can be mounted well/correctly on the boards. We will check if the component packages match well with the Gerber footprints, if the part numbers you provided match well with the descriptions, and if the polarity is clearly marked. >>>>> When your design is ready, please send your Gerber and BOM so we can quote and start!