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How To Choose The Right PCB Components

For a PCB Designer to develop the best PCB design, s/he must carefully choose the right PCB Components for the board to be manufactured. If the PCB Components are not chosen wisely, problems might be encountered later, which could greatly increase the project’s cost. For example, some PCBs components are rare and very expensive.

1.PCB Design Schematic and Components

When the schematic design with virtual components is completed, you need to produce a Bill of Material for all the components and make sure that their XYZ dimensions fit the physical layout and that they are readily available on the market at an affordable price.

PCB Components 1

2.Mounting of PCB Components

Surface mounting is the cheapest option, and small components allow the PCBA to be machine manufactured. However, depending on the application, this is rarely achieved. If the PCB is meant for hobby projects, Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is presented after the entire parts and components get soldered and rightfully installed. A PCBA will be done mostly by hand, and large components make handling easier. If the Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is presented, the entire parts and components get soldered and rightfully installed. A PCBA involves many connectors, the board will have numerous through-hole PCB components, and the soldering will be done by hand.

pcb components-mid.png

3.Spacing requirements

Power components emit heat that needs to be rapidly dissipated. This requires a higher clearance between the board and the component itself. In some extreme cases, a heat sink on the PCB Component surface assists in heat dissipation. Hence, the PCB board’s final shape might be affected and considered in the initial design.

PCB Components 2

4.Final soldering of the PCB Component

To decide on the soldering operation, one must review all component’s specifications, properties, and physical limits from their datasheets. This will dictate whether soldering will be done by hand, by wave technique, or by placing the production film work that you require to manufacture PCBs. In the case of PCBA into the reflow oven. It is best for hand soldering to start the process with bulky-through hole components, moving to lighter components and small areas.

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