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PCB Mount-How To Choose The Switch


Switches are mounted to the board via two popular methods: Plate mounted and PCB mounted. PCB mount switches are versatile and provide opportunities to deploy them in various applications such as cabinet engineering and machinery. Plate mounted switches provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others. This article will introduce from features and the applications of these two different switches.

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1.What are PCB mount switches?


3.Application of PCB mount switches

4.Fixturing in Surface Mount Technology

5.Plate Mount and PCB Mount


1.What are PCB mount switches?

PCB mount switches are versatile and provide opportunities to deploy them in various applications such as cabinet engineering and machinery. These are switches with excellent feedback. They can be combined in different ways and mounted on a PCB. They are well designed to give the application a design that allows one to easily assemble and deploy the device in the varying environment.  


They are unique PCB mounting

They have a modular design

Have a front protection

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3. Application of PCB mount switches

  • They can be used in machinery and control systems
  • Can be deployed and used in specialized vehicles
  • Used in cabinet engineering
  • Can be applied in process automation
  • Can be used in conveyor systems

4.Fixturing in Surface Mount Technology

Fixturing was traditionally associated with woodwork. However, they have now found applications in engineering and manufacturing and refers to the way that can be used to produce the exact product multiple times. The technique is now used in the surface mount process when creating PCB.

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Fixturing in surface mount technology allows for holding of the boards in place and comes with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility – allows the boards to be mounted in several ways
  • Allows for easy replication since it supports and allows multiple iterations to be performed.
  • It allows for quality control because it repeats the same process a multiple of times hence it improves the quality.
  • Reduces waste since it defines the process, which helps to reduce waste.
  • It lowers costs in electronics manufacturing and results in cost savings which cannot be passed to the consumers.

5.Plate Mount and PCB Mount

Unfortunately, most people prefer plate mount to PCB mount. Therefore, it is important that we look at the reasons why this is the case.

First, it is critical to note that most plates support switch top removal and so it makes popping the switch easier. It also makes the plate look cleaner and takes away a lot of stress that could be problematic to people who are heavy handed. Also, it feels more solid than the PCB mount. It makes custom builds easier since all you need to do is to attach the plate to the case without worrying about mounting PCB.

PCB mounted switches will give you an easy way to remove the top. However, PCB mounted switches could be the best if you are planning to make changes in the layout. The switch provides the easiest option to make changes. Also, the PCB mounted switch allows for freedom for alternative layout but will be limited by the PCB itself.

Notice that the overall feeling is an important factor that should be considered when choosing between plate mount and PCB mount. The thickness of the material, the final weight, and the surface remains critical when determining whether you choose between plate or mounted PCBs.


Choosing between the plate and mounted PCBs switches is critical when designing your circuits. It determines the final layout you will end up with. However, there are other aluminum plates, plastic metal cases color are important. PCB mount switches are better because they have two pins that keep them straight hence it is easy to soldier and offer additional support. They also make breaking the solder joint a little bit difficult.

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