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Electronics Manufacturing

  • PCB Manufacturing and assembly industry are one of the most important parts of electronics manufacturing.
  • Contact us to get to know more about WellPCB PCB manufacturing and assembly do in electronic development.

PCB Manufacturing

WellPCB is a reputable and professional PCB manufacturing and assembling company with roots in China. The table below shows some of the primary capacities that we provide and support. It contains information about the PCB materials we use, the PCB technologies we leverage, the types of products we manufacture, and our offer’s tolerances.

  • Materials:
    FR4, High TG FR4, Halogen Free Material, CEM-3, Rogers HF Material
  • Min. Contour Tolerance:
    + / -0.1mm
  • Layer Counts:
    2-36 Layers
  • Min. Finished Diameter of PTH Hole:
    + / -0.1mm
  • Finished Copper Thickness:
    0.5-5 OZ
  • Max.Board Thickness/Hole Ratio:
  • Finished Board Thickness:
  • Min. Solder Mask Bridge:
    4mil (Min, SMT Pad Space 8mil)
  • Min.Line/Track Width:
  • Min.Legend(Silkscreen) Track Width:
  • MIN.Drilling Slot Size:
  • Surface Treatment:
    Leaded HASL, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Gold, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver, etc.
  • Solder Mask Color:
    Green, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, and Matt, etc.
  • Other Technology:
    Gold Finger, Peelable Mask, Non-across Blindried Vias, Characteristic Impedance Control, Rigid-flex Board, etc.
  • Solder Mask Hardness:
  • Legend/Silkscreen Color:
    Black, White, Yellow, and others.
  • Wrap and Twist:
  • Flammability:

The PCB Manufacturing

why us

Since 2007, WellPCB has offered good-quality PCBs with excellent turnaround time and customer satisfaction. We are one of the biggest and most skilled board manufacturers in China. Our committed staff- with a rich experience in the electronic world- produce superior products, such as double-sided, single-sided, multilayer, and HDI PCBs.

PCB & PCBA One-Stop Service

  • We offer in-house PCB manufacturing.
  • We procure original and authentic PCB materials.
  • We procure components from authorized suppliers
  • We offer stencil and assembly services

Unbeatable Prices on PCB Products

  • We offer one of the most competitive prices in the PCB manufacturing world.
  • We have our factories with genuine cost control and no hidden charges.
  • We support numerous payment methods, such as T/T, credit card, PayPal, bank transfers, etc.
  • Our factories offer price support for different orders, especially for multilayer boards and mass production.

On-Time Delivery

  • Our main delivery channels are DHL, FedEx, and door-to-door services. Typically, shipping takes 2-4 days.
  • We have developed a good relationship with the major shipping companies, and they offer discounts to us.
  • We provide Anti-static + Moisture-Proof + Anti-Vibration Packaging and Inspection Certificates.

Quality Assurance

  • Our products adhere to the IPC and the ROHS and REACH Standards.
  • We boast of over 99% customer satisfaction rates.
  • We have standardized factory processes and management.
  • We pass our products through multiple testing procedures.

Excellent Customer Service

  • We offer instant online quoting and ordering services.
  • We guarantee quality in our services.
  • We have unbeatable prices and offers, and we do not require a minimum order quantity.s.
  • We have a 24/7 and experienced support team available via online, phone, and email.

Return and Refund Services

  • In case of any severe default in our products, you can request compensation or a refund.
  • We refund directly to your preferred payment method. We can also rework or refabricate the product and reship it at our expense.

Rigorous Quality Control System

  • We operate strictly in line with international quality standards, guaranteeing 100% shipment quality.
  • Our thorough inspection procedures warrant high PCB dependability and stability.

Professional Technical Team

  • We are a one-stop PCB manufacturing and service provider offering customized, fast, and high-end products.
  • We pride ourselves in decades of PCB production, offering optimized printed circuit boards worldwide.
  • We have hired top-cream personnel with rich experience in standard PCB fabrication and advanced PCB fabrication.

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PCB Factory Scale

We handle all production scales, including small, medium, and mass production orders.

Besides, we can deliver more than 10,000 products monthly.

We have competitive prices and unbeatable offers for volumes ranging from as small as 1 square meter for you.

Our Certifications

Here are the certificates we have:
IATF 16949:2016 ISO 9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 ISO13485:2016 UL Also, all our products follow the IPC & ROHS Standards. More importantly, we always strive to manufacture high-end PCB products.

PCB Product Show

Custom PCB Packaging and Shipping


NXP France

Top Questions

1. What services do you offer?

We offer three primary PCB assembly services: PCB fabrication, consigned PCB assembly and full turnkey services.

2. Is it possible to get stack-up drawings from you?

Yes, we are willing and ready to share some of our standard stack-up drawings with you, or even individual stack-up drawings that meet your specific requirements.

3. Do you offer any discounts?

Our two factories offer price support for various orders, especially for multilayer PCBs and mass production.

4. Can you view and process Altium CAD data directly?

Unfortunately no. We generally deal with Gerber files.

5. What if I am dissatisfied with PCBs from

If you encounter any problem with our products or feel dissatisfied with our products or services, you can let us know through [email protected]. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours and serve you satisfactorily. We will either refabricate your PCB in case of a defect or refund the full amount without needing to return the defective PCBs. You may also choose to credit your[email protected] account and use the credit for future orders.

Top 10 Application areas for PCBs

From kitchen appliances to smartphones to microwaves, electronics play an essential role in our daily routines. Found at the heart of almost all electronics is a PCB or printed circuit board.


In the modern world, PCBs act as the significant functional centers of almost all electronic devices. These small chips come in an uncountable number of configurations and manufactured with different types of materials.


We at WellPCB have explored ten common uses of these applications in more detail as highlighted below. 

Table of Contents

From kitchen appliances to smartphones to microwaves, electronics play an essential role in our daily routines. Found at the heart of almost all electronics is a PCB or printed circuit board. In the modern world, PCBs act as the significant functional centers of almost all electronic devices. These small chips come in an uncountable number of configurations and are manufactured with different types of materials.

We at WellPCB have explored ten common uses of these applications in more detail, as highlighted below. 

PCBs–Medical Apparatus

Printed circuit boards continue to contribute heavily across the medical field. PCBs are used as appliances here and in devices meant for monitoring/observation, diagnostic, and treatment. The use of PCBs across the medical sector is rapidly growing, leading to new possibilities. Some of the most common applications of PCBs across the medical field include:

Monitors: Monitoring devices such as blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose monitors consist of electronic components. 

Medical Instruments: PCBs are in medical devices such as control systems, electronic microscopes, and compressors, among others. 

Scanning Devices: CT scanners, X-Ray screens, and ultrasound scans consist of electronic components to function. 

As it appears, the use of PCBs across the health sector is extensive. Even though medical printed circuit boards tend to be smaller, their use is vast and diverse. Looking around today, a majority of medical devices have PCBs in them, unlike before. 


Consumer Electronic Components

Consumer electronics consist of everyday devices we use, such as computers, smartwatches, and tablets, among others. Even the latest models of refrigerators make up the list of electronic components. In every one of these electronic components is a printed circuit board. The applications of printed circuit boards in consumer electronic components are extensive. 

The following encompasses just a few common uses of printed circuit boards in the field of consumer electronics:

  • Computer Electronics: laptops and desktops contain PCBs within their cores, and so do peripheral devices and screens that are associated with them. 
  • Mobile Devices: Tablets and smartphones find to use daily. They act as alarm clocks to GPS devices and contain PCBs in them. 
  • Recording Equipment: Digital cameras, microphones, and camcorders, among other recording equipment, rely on PCBs for practical functionality. 
  • Home and entertainment appliances: Alarm clocks, coffee makers, DVD players, and TV sets run on electronic components.
PCB application in mobile devices.jpg

Motor Vehicle/Automotive Use

A few years back, cars consisted of a few electronic circuits, but such is not the case as of today. Unlike before, the new automotive sector now features cars that rely on a vast range of electronics and computerized components that offer more functionality. Here are some of the significant applications of printed circuit boards in cars/vehicles:

  •  Proximity Monitors: A majority of the latest models of cars consist of built-in sensory devices to help drivers judge distances and monitor blind spots. These systems rely on PCBs for practical functionality. 
  •   Media Equipment: Modern cars have got advanced dashboards with the ability to connect to media or radio player. All these utilize electronic components. 
  •   Navigation: Navigation systems are increasingly becoming incorporated into cars. These systems rely on printed circuit boards to function as desired. 
  •   Control Systems: Advanced vehicle control systems such as fuel regulators, power supplies, and engine management all rely on PCBs. All these are necessary to monitor and manage nearly all parts of the vehicle. 
Computer chips on PCBs.jpg

Industrial Devices/Components

Nearly all industries rely on high-powered devices to control the mechanisms needed in production and manufacturing. Industrial components also rely on printed circuit boards to function. Again, these electronic components have to survive some of the toughest conditions, such as rapid vibrations, harsh chemicals, and rough handling. Typical uses of PCBs here include:

  • Power Devices: Power inverters such as DC-to-AC, power control equipment, and solar congregation devices, among others need PCBs to function. 
  •   Measuring Devices: Devices meant for measuring and controlling temperature and pressure in the manufacturing process have PCBs in them.
  •   Industrial Components: A majority of presses and electric drills used across the manufacturing sector operate on PCB-controlled electronic devices. 
Magnifier in hands with blue gloves showing or looks on printed circuit board, PCB.jpg


Scrutinized, LED lighting seems to be gaining popularity and is highly valued based on low power consumption, excellent light output, and high efficiency. Lately, PCBs are providing a versatile base across full applications of high-output LED devices. Better yet, their versatility increases the most when they get integrated with PCBs. 

PCBs are lately facilitating increasing uses for LED lighting solutions, especially in areas such as indicators and displays. Some significant applications/methods of PCB LEDs across the lighting industry include:

  •   Computer Technology Sector: PCB-based LEDs find use across the computer technology sector, mainly located in laptop and desktop displays. 
  •   Storefront and Residential Application: Business entities and homes rely on PCB-based lighting solutions in the form of presentations and signage. 
  •   The Medical Sector: Lighting tools, especially those used in emergency and surgical used LED-powered devices to aid physician’s visibility. 
Application of pcb in luminous billboard.jpg

Aerospace Components/Devices

Just like automotive applications, plenty of aerospace devices require PCBs to function as desired. Whether rigid or flexible, PCBs are essential in powering aerospace components such as rockets, jets, and other devices used here. Major aerospace applications of printed circuit boards include:

•  Testing Devices: The development and test of air vehicles require PCBs. Testing devices collect data during such procedures and consist of PCBs. 

•  Monitoring Devices: Devices such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, microphones, and pressure sensors, among others, rely on PCBs for functionality. These components find use in cockpits and engines of rockets and airplanes to monitor the functionality of the vehicle and communicate back with ground control. 

PCBs with different electronic components isolated on white background.jpg

Electronic Security

Among other things that matter a lot, safety and security of oneself and property make it to the list. Lately, a lot of home and business owners value the safety and security of their property. For this reason, you are likely to see security cameras, electronic door locks, burglar alarms, motion sensors, and CCTVs almost everywhere. 

Safety and security equipment play an essential role, but surprisingly, many people don’t know that such devices need PCBs to function as desired. Regardless of whether they are flexible or rigid, safety and security appliances have got PCBs at their core. To effectively work as desired, these security footage appliances must rely on PCBs. 

PCB application in security camera.jpg

Retail Industry Devices

Many organizations in the retail industry rely on electronic components such as digital cameras, point-of-sale devices, counter illumination, illuminated POS stands, and freezer monitors. All these devices and many others are necessary for the smooth operation of daily business undertakings. Without them in place, businesses in the retail sector would experience delays and customer frustration. 

Again, the retail industry heavily relies on printed circuit boards found at the heart of their electronic components such as POS devices. The retail sector is increasing, and so are printed circuit boards that ingredients used in this sector rely on for daily use. 

PCB application in pos machine.jpg

Defense Industry

Across the defense sector, there are plenty of devices that are purely PCB-driven. Nearly all the tools used in this industry operate under extreme or severe conditions with PCBs used in them supposed to withstand such conditions. Apt examples of

PCB-driven applications include Integrated Air Defense Systems, Signal Sensors, Command and Control Systems, and Auxiliary Power Units. 

The above is not all. Others include Jamming Systems, Airborne Early Warning and Control, Cyber Counterillegence Systems, and Advanced Medium-Range Range Air to Air Missile among other equipment used here. These devices must rely on PCBs to function and protect military personnel from danger or death. 

PCB application in the defense industry.jpg

PCBs–Other Uses

As you may have realized, PCBs find use in plenty of electronic devices across many industries beyond the ones listed above. A few other examples where printed circuit boards find heavy use include the following areas or applications:

•  Telecommunications and Broadcasting Devices: PCB devices find use in devices across this sector such as frequency boards, booster stations, and microphones among others. 

•  Firearm Applications: Civilian and military gun producers often rely on PCBs in their testing devices. Examples of equipment used here include impact testing devices and penetration shock recorders. 

•  Marine Devices: Sailing and underwater applications are some of the familiar places to find PCBs. PCBs control power distribution systems, navigation, and engine management systems on sailing vessels. 

PCB and microchips close-up.jpg


PCBs are adaptable and flexible solutions for a majority of applications in a wide range of organizations. Experienced and qualified manufacturers can create reliable and cost-effective PCBs for any use or app with ease. If you are in the market for a reputable PCB solutions provider, look no further than WellPCB

We offer stellar PCB solutions to business entities across the world. We closely work with our clients to provide them PCBs that exceed their initial expectations. You are known for your unrivaled quality assurance, customer service, and cost-effective manufacturing process. Our goal is to help our customers save time and money to stop worrying about the production of PCBs. Regardless of the type of PCB your company needs, rest assured that we can handle it. 

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