The Top 7 Tips to Help Save PCB Board Price

Have PCB needs and looking to save? Many organizations look for PCB. Whether it be in electronic devices or other equipment, you need PCB everywhere.


However, which PCB manufacturer can you trust? Can you save more on your PCB board price? How do you ensure you get the PCB quality you need while doing that?


We take a look at all that and more, below, with these seven top tips. 

Use Design Software to Reduce PCB Board Prices(CAD, EDA)

PCB Manufacturers use CAD software programs to make most of the PCB designs, and the right software is necessary for reducing PCB board price. Software programs are diverse- depending upon their functionality. While a few are free- most demand payment and technical knowledge. 

There are many fundamentals behind the industrial designs of PCBs. One of them is checking the electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) in the PCB design. Proper practices enhance EMC performance and decrease manufacturing costs. Much better than highly integrated methods (such as full-layer shielding), know your software’s full scope before beginning a design. The PCB board price decreases a lot at the manufacturer level. 

Popular software programs developed by the EDA(Electronic Design and Automation) industry include: 

a. Autodesk Eagle

Key features: Industry-standard, Paid Software. Available in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

b. KiCAD

Key Features: Cross-Platform, Open Source (GPL) Free. Available in Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can get designs of up to 16 layers.

c. Fritzing

Cross-Platform, Open-Source EDA, lets PCB designers prepare work for production.

d. DesignSpark PCB

Features: Accessible, Easy to Use. It reduces the concept to production time. Designers have easy access to the PCB layout tool.

e. ExpressPCB Plus

Features: It offers real-time quotations of stock components. Online ordering options for the fabrication of prepared PCB designs. Designers love it for schematic drawing and PCB layout.

f. EasyEDA

Features: Partly free EDA tool. An integrated component of for the Real-Time Price Catalog of parts.

Your PCB designer will be able to tell what software is right for your project. It’s why you need to hire the proper PCB manufacturer. They will ensure your project stays on track – always. 

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Use Your Resources to Reduce PCB Board Prices

Several tools and components exist underneath each of the five focal points. A good PCB designer employs the right methods to ensure the feasibility of his PCB Design. 

The five primary focus points while using general EDA software programs are:



3.Analysis and verification

4.Manufacturing preparation

5.Functional safety.

There are essential tools involved in the design flow process. For instance, High-Level Synthesis converts design descriptions into Register Transfer Level (RTL). Logic Synthesis converts RTL designs to a catalog of electronic components (logic gates). 

Schematic Capture creates the structure of the PCB- including electronic schematics. The schematic editor feeds a hand-drawn circuit design into the computer. Then, there is the Layout (also known as Placement). It helps in the allotment of the exact locations of each PCB component.

Sound knowledge of PCB designs reduces your PCB Board price to a considerable extent. Besides, it also enhances your circuit performance. Wrong component placement in the PCB design can make it non-manufacturable. The cause may be excessive wiring length. You can also try to learn the full aspects of the design software programs in the market. Try to be inquisitive- ask questions to yourself. 

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Fundamentals Behind Cost-Effective PCB Designs

Good PCB Designs have quite a few things in common. The designs may vary from simple to complex multi-layered ones. There are a few things to consider for cost-effective PCB Designs. Some of them include-

a. Planning the layout design:

A good layout design is essential. It is one of the main ways to increase efficiency. Proper selection of components, designing the electronic schematics yourself is good layout practice. You should also keep enough space between the electronic components. A standardized orientation approach is mandatory while placing the components. Do not forget about the ground planning. Last but not least, the primary target should be the amplification of signals. Also, it gives importance to noise and heat control.

b. Size, Shapes, and Slots:

Prefer general shapes and sizes for the extra saving on your PCB Board price. Irregular custom shapes may be a better fit. But they are more challenging to make than the standardized general shapes and designs. Also, avoid several layers and complex connections- if possible. These need skilled technology, which might not be helpful in cost-savings.

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Preventing Redundancy to Reduce PCB Board Prices

Several new tools and components have arrived in the VLSI world, and these stop the PCB designers from working on the same design all over again. PCB design is a tiring job- draining focus and patience. These components will be saving your money while preventing redundancy.

Plus, it is necessary to know about PCB Simulation. Components use several mathematical models to duplicate the characteristics of an actual PCB. 

Modern technological progress has made it possible to generate accurate models. Most of them integrate into learning-based EDA software programs. This simulation helps the PCB designers note down the flaws in the existing design. Error elimination results in cost-efficient PCB manufacturing. It lowers down your average PCB Board price.

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Manufacturability of Your PCB Design

A “Manufacturable” PCB Design requires considerable technical knowledge and skill. Circuit outputs must be accurate- especially in cases such as medical PCBs, design itself may be many errors occur. Imperfect motifs are a waste of resources and time. Know these likely errors beforehand. With the knowledge, you can start saving off your PCB design price immediately.

a.Wrong landing patterns

The EDA design software programs have libraries of electronic components. Avoid using materials outside the common component library database. You will need engineers to draw accurate schematics and PCB landing patterns. There lies the scope for error. A minute error (even a fraction of a millimeter) can make the design non-manufacturable.

b.Wrong placement of Decoupling capacitors

Decoupling capacitors provide a stable power supply to the PCB components. It is placed on the power supply rail, as close to the pins as possible (which need stable voltage). It is necessary to place an output capacitor near the output pin. Power regulation also requires output pins.

There are several other criteria to determine the manufacturability of your design. Use the services of an independent engineer to assess the efficacy of your design. You would also be able to decide on the expected PCB Design Price.

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PCB Board Prices-Talk to Your Supplier

A proper manufacturer will have several questions for you. The above items are necessary to find out the PCB production costs. The manufacturer needs this information to provide the estimate and stipulated time. They also need to confirm viability with their existing technology and manufacturing setup: all these, plus the Schematics and Layout (supplied by you).

As a client, you also need certain Manufacturer Information before confirming your order. An important one is the Bill of Materials (BOM). It lists the estimated cost of materials, electronic components, and others. You must also choose the necessary test and inspection methods for your PCB.

The per PCB design price decreases with an increase in the order volume. Avoid asking the manufacturers to deliver on a date before the scheduled one. A lot of reasons are there behind this. In short, the cost increases. It’s why you need to avoid this unless you are facing an emergency.

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Tech-Savvy Manufacturing

Opt for reliable and experienced Contract manufacturers. Advanced technological manufacturing setups are preferable. The advantages include higher accuracy and faster delivery. Mass-manufacturing also reduces the total cost. 

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