Best Free Circuit Simulator: The Best 13 Simulator Software

As the name suggests, a circuit simulator simulates/imitates how electronic devices or circuits behave. They are often applicable in virtual analysis, drawing circuits, and circuit design on a computer. 

Besides being quick and cost-effective, an online simulator also makes simulating a circuit more practical than it would when you physically build it. 

After thorough research on the best free online simulators, we settled on the 13 software simulators that we will enlighten you on briefly. Not only do they have a graphical waveform viewer and photodiodes, but they can also possess schematic editors and support resistors.

The Best 13 Free Circuit Simulator

Below is a list of the 13 best circuit simulator software you should try. 

1. EasyEDA

EasyEDA is a cloud-based circuit simulation tool. It incorporates features such as a mixed-mode circuit signal, an enhanced schematic capture, and an efficient PCB layout

Moreover, it serves a lot of people, such as hobbyists, electronic engineers, or even students. 

EasyEDA download.


  • First and foremost, it is free.
  • Then, you don’t have to go through a hustle when designing a circuit since it is user-friendly. 
  • Also, it has several special features for the simulation of circuits. Therefore, it makes the simulator a high-quality choice for circuit/PCB design.
  • Further, it is continuously growing and currently has a large community. 
  • And, it is very powerful.


  • Unfortunately, if you aren’t familiar with this site, you might find difficulties maneuvering through it. It is therefore advisable to follow the guide. 

2.LT Spice Simulator

An LTspice simulator is one of Linear’s (Linear Technology Corporation) free circuit simulation tools. Being a reputable company, LTspice is no doubt among the best free online simulators there is. A couple of its special features include MOSFET models, more than 200 operational amp models, transistor models, and many others.LTspice download.


  • LTspice has an enhanced SPICE, thus making it work much faster than other normal SPICE simulators in switching regulators. 
  • Then, it is highly efficient. 


  • The major shortcoming holding LTspice back is the proprietary code base as licensed by linear. Consequently, it limits its interaction boundaries, therefore, denying a chance of collaborative development.


MultiSim, an online circuit simulation tool/ software from National Instruments, is a student version circuit simulation tool. But unfortunately, it has limited access. Nevertheless, it is perfect for beginners when dealing with electronic circuits involved in circuit building. 

A few of its highlight features comprise creating PCBs, having a little exploration of the breadboard in a 3D version before submitting the lab assignments, among others.

MultiSim download 


  • It is user-friendly hence recommended for beginners.
  • Then, it is an open-source simulator (free of charge).
  • You can also use the simulator on your phone since it’s not limited to the computer.
  • Again, you can perform a breadboard simulation with a MultiSim simulator.
  • Additionally, you can share your work/project with the rest of the online community to help you improve.
  • Lastly, it is rich in beginner-friendly features that are comprehensive.


  • Unluckily, being a student version makes it inefficient for expertise work because it has limited access. 

4. Circuit Sims

Circuit Sims highly favors newbies in the quest for comprehending how electronic and simple circuits function. Moreover, it runs on any browser, a factor contributing tremendously to its popularity. 

Circuit Sims download 


  • It is easy to use and understand its format.
  • Then, you don’t necessarily need an account since it is free.
  • Finally, it is an Open-Source simulator. 


  • The GUI isn’t that catchy or attractive at first glance but you’ll get used to it. 
  • Additionally, you will find limited library parts. 

5. PartSim

PartSim is a zero-installation circuit building software found when you browse through your website. It includes features such as a graphical waveform viewer, a SPICE simulation engine, and a web-based schematic capture tool. 

PartSim download 


  • PartSim has a clear layout making it user-friendly.
  • Besides, it is free. 
  • Also, vendors dedicate their large number of parts to the site, thus making it a better option when practically using it. 


  • It is not powerful enough but can still serve beginners effectively. 
  • It may have several operative amplifiers in its library, but it still lacks other needed ICs. 


With a CircuitsCloud simulator, you will need to create an account first before using it. It is an online simulator working on both analog and digital simulation.

Circuits cloud download


  • It is free.
  • In addition, anyone can easily understand its features, thus contributing to a quick circuit design. 


  • First, the CircuitsCloud library does not have sufficient MCUs and digital ICs.
  • Further, the simulation does not animate the current’s direction. 

7. Tina-TI

Best Free Circuit Simulator

Tina-TI is a free online circuit simulation tool that carries out functions like circuit building, noise analysis, DC/AC analysis, Fourier analysis, transient analysis, to mention a few. In terms of operation, often, it will carry out the mentioned analysis after circuit design and before the simulation process. What’s more, it will check for errors in a circuit before simulation.

Tina TI download 


  • You can always use Tine-TI to simulate SPICE circuits.
  • Further, you can choose to change the components’ value as you wish. 
  • Also, it is easy to use in circuit design and simulation.
  • After finishing your project, you can save it on the PC as a schematic file for future reference. Alternatively, you can proceed and export it as an XML or image. 
  • It ensures the circuit design is error-free. 


Best Free Circuit Simulator

AutoDesk is a circuit simulation software that helps you to circuit-design, have a view of the circuit in a breadboard, incorporate Arduino, simulate the circuit, and finally, construct a PCB. One way the simulator is unique is that you can directly do Arduino programming while on this site. 

AutoDesk download 


  • First, you can use it to simulate an Arduino.
  • Moreover, you will find many parts in the library.
  • You can also easily interpret the output design then use the reference to make a real circuit connection in the future. 


  • AutoDesk requires great expertise since it is tougher than other simulators when using it for circuit design. 
  • Also, you can’t quickly draw a circuit with it. 

9. NgSpice

NgSpice is a known online simulator from Sourceforge with the feature of being an open-source simulator. Besides, it is a mixed-signal simulation engine with three open-source software packages i.e., Xspice, Spice3f5, and Cider. Furthermore, it makes up a part of gEDA projects, and due to numerous suggestions towards it, it’s constantly improving. 

NgSpice download 


  • The collaborative nature of the NgSpice application allows you to join the development team and improve your circuit simulation. 

10.Circuit LAB

Best Free Circuit Simulator

It is an online circuit simulator which unfortunately isn’t entirely free.

However, its excellent features compensate for its non-free state. Moreover, it has an accurate digital and analog simulator that makes it effective in usage. 

Circuit Lab download 


  • It is suitable for experimenters and newbies because of its well-built platform and affordable library. 
  • Also, if you need further analysis, you can export the output results or simulated graph into a CSV file, then later use it.
  • Not only can you get pre-designed circuits but also circuit design with circuit LAB is easy.


  • It may not be a free platform but the demo is free.
  • It also requires the integration of more digital ICs in the library. 
  • Then, other than graphical representation, developers can add interactive simulations for a better experience. 

11. Best Free Circuit Simulator– TinaCloud

Best Free Circuit Simulator

It falls under the Tina software and is web-based. TinaCloud doesn’t require installation and will run freely when browsing online. Furthermore, it helps in designing digital and analog electronic circuits and their simulation. 

TinaCloud download 


  • First of all, it helps students monitor their progress online since its tools check for students’ knowledge. 
  • Not only can it allow access to application circuits of the Infineon Designer, but it can also upload and use designs by Infineon Designer. 

12. Best Free Circuit Simulator– DoCircuits

Best Free Circuit Simulator

It functions to create both analog and digital circuits. However, it may not be as efficient as other simulators. Again, you will have to log in when doing your project as it is not free.

coCircuits download 


  • You will find several pre-designs on the site.
  • Then, the electronic components look real. 
  • Even better, it has an interactive design. However, it’s slow.


  • There’s a limit in simulation.
  • Regrettably, you also can’t apply digital and analog components on a similar circuit. 

13.Best Free Circuit Simulator–DC/AC Virtual Lab

As the name suggests, a DC/AC virtual lab simulator builds DC/AC circuits with several components. For example, there are photodiodes, resistors, batteries, etc. But despite being attractive, it does have some setbacks.

DC/AC Virtual Lab


  • It is real-looking hence fun to use.
  • The UI is also simple and easy to understand. 


  • Often, it has a less powerful simulation and a limited library. 
  • Then, it may not be completely free. 


To conclude, in today’s technological world, you are bound to find several circuit simulator software at your disposal. However, with the above 13 circuit simulation online tools, you’re already on the right track. Apart from being completely free, you can use them directly from the website without incorporating the downloading process. Further, depending on your expertise level and requirements, you will effortlessly settle on a suitable simulator. It is because they have the specifications you’ll need. As always, you can still contact us if you need further information on the same.

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