PCB Sources-How To Choose A PCB Manufacturer

In almost every electronic device, we will find the board upon which the electronic components are assembled. This board is known as the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This PCB is manufactured at various scales, ranging from small home-based factories to large industries dedicated to PCB manufacturing. Without PCB, the electronic device, instrument, machine, or equipment cannot exist. Finding good pcb sources is essential, which should be considered more.

1.PCB Manufacturing Sources

In China, we have numerous WellPCB. We will provide you with a one-stop service and high-quality products. You can send us the documents you need to make and get a quote immediately! What are we waiting for? We have ten years of PCB manufacturing companies. They provide their services at very reasonable rates and give good quality. These companies are primarily single proprietorship companies and target mass manufacture the PCB and export them to the entire world.

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“Mass Manufacturing” means that the company manufactures or fabricates the product (PCBs in our case) in vast quantities so that the cost per unit is meager. This helps the company to generate more revenue and earn more profit while the customer also gets excellent quality products at cheap rates.

The most commonly used way of PCB sources is to find the supplier online. You have many large websites like Global Sources, Alibaba, Ali express, Made in China, WellPCB, Sparkfun, etc.

These pcb sources provide complete prototyping services, including customized PCB fabrication and components stuffing on the PCB. They have an online requisition method, which the user fills online and enters their requirements about PCB like size, Base Material, solder mask, silkscreen, number of layers, etc.

2.Price vs. Quantity

The most common issue that a developer/designer faces is that they have completed the design work and need 2 or 3 pieces of PCB to test and validate the design. For this, the PCB sources supplier asks for many fragments of PCB, and their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is usually very high, like 10,000 or 20,000 pieces.

So the designer has to research the internet, go through many suppliers’ quotations, and select the best quote with minimum MOQ, the lowest price per piece, good quality work, and valuable feedback ratings from previous customers.

Rigid pcb prototype01.png

3.RF PCB sources

The characteristic difference between an ordinary PCB and RF PCB is high-frequency signal interference produced by high-speed switching devices. These interferences are found in PCB tracks and adjacent components affecting the performance of the electronic device regarding ripple, noise, and crosstalk interference.

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There are various applications of RF PCB like Military Space, Consumer Electronics (IoT and Wearable Gadgets like BLE and GPS), Medical, Automotive (GPRS), and Industrial (Zigbee or WiFi)





The above is the online RF PCB manufacturers providing their services in this domain. The seeedstudio give the Quality Control IPC Class 2 and IPC Class 3. They also offer services in 3D printing and PCB layout designs. They use ALTIUM, PROTEL, PADS, and EAGLE. The Made in China is the dominant Custom PCB circuit board may, therefore, be a tall order. This article will walk you through five basic ways to landing the best PCB board online search engine to search for a suitable company for your PCB fabrication work.

4.PCB Sources of Exposure

There are various sources of exposure to PCB. The most important is Thermal exposure.

Thermal Exposure

The two most important factors of PCB (Dielectric Constant Dk) and (Dissipation Factor Df) of laminate material are affected by a small portion of raw materials present in the finished product (finished PCB prototype). These are resin and fiberglass.

The thermal / temperature effect or exposure towards the PCB is very significant. The high temperature and harsh environment can bend, deform, or melt down the PCB and its assembly.

This is the reason why the designers use various base materials for PCB for varying temperatures.

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