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Blue Circuit Boards-Available And Useful Guide


Recurrently available PCB circuit boards are green, yellow or even brown in color with green being the readily available one. PCB boards hold great deal of importance in modern electrical and electronic devices. Figure 1 shows a PCB board.Contrary to the PCB boards available in market the PCB board shown in figure 1 is blue in color. It gets one wondering the difference it makes to the PCB board functionality. Well, it must be admitted that as far no visible difference appears in the functionality of the green or blue circuit boards however shortly blue PCB boards have become increasingly popular amongst the designers and engineers owing to their attractive color. User finds the blue circuit boards more ye-catching and appealing in comparison with the conventional dull green colored boards. The more details about these blue circuit boards is elaborated in the further sections of the article.


Blue circuit boards.png

Figure 1



1.Blue Circuit Boards

2.Blue Circuit Boards vs Conventional Boards


1.Blue Circuit Board

It takes a great deal of time and energy to find a market that sales blue circuit board as these re not easily available in the market. The blue color on the blue circuit board shown in figure 2 is not because of any paint, marked, dye or silkscreen infact the substrate itself is blue colored.



Blue circuit boards2.png

Figure 2

Usually single sided blue circuit boards are available to the designers. One side is for the components to be drilled and the other is plain solid blue board.


2.Blue Circuit Board vs Conventional Boards​

As mentioned earlier the functionality of blue circuit board is similar to that of conventional boards however bleu circuit boards are more appealing for the designers. Figure 3 shows a complex blue circuit board with components etched to its surface.



Blue circuit boards3.png

Figure 3


Figure 4 shows a simple blue circuit board with basic components soldered to its surface.


Blue circuit board4.png

Figure 4



Despite being highly in demand the blue circuit boards are not easily available to its users as other contemporarily boards. Due to this lack of availability they are expensive as compared with other boards. However by increasing the manufacture of these boards the blue circuit boards would become more economical and easily available to its users. Most of the devices and commonly used sensors are preferred to be made on blue circuit boards. Blue circuit boards provide easiness to its users in order to drill the components over the PCB boards.


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