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10 Tips to Choose the Right Flex Circuit Manufacturer

Printed circuit boards emerge as undeniable incorporation that forms the spinal cord of electrical devices, offering seamless intra-board connectivity and compatibility between daughter board and the motherboard.


There mainly three types of PCB that include rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible PCB. Flexible PCB tower the rest in terms of demand and use since they find substantial use in an array of electronic devices. Better yet, they can easily twist or bend while still functioning as desired.  So, how do you go about selecting the best flexible PCB manufacturer?

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Printed circuit boards emerge as undeniable incorporation that forms electrical devices’ spinal cord, offering seamless intra-board connectivity and compatibility between the daughterboard and the motherboard.

There mainly three types of PCB that include rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible PCB. Flexible PCB tower the rest in terms of demand and use since they find substantial use in an array of electronic devices. Better yet, they can easily twist or bend while still functioning as desired.  So, how do you go about selecting the best Flex Circuit Manufacturer?

Do they Have Flexible PCB Manufacturing Equipment?

Reliable, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers invest in the latest technology and modern equipment to provide their customers with high-quality flex PCB.

When you are in the market for the best flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, ensure that you work with companies who select and invest in the right equipment that can provide you with high-quality flex PCB. Reliable PCB makers desire to increase efficiency and maintain quality by investing in their manufacturing facilities.

Does your potential flexible printed circuit board manufacturer(s) have in place board testers, drilling tools, imaging equipment, and surface finishing tools, among others? The right flexible circuit manufacturers are those who invest and take their time to invest in the best and latest correct PCB service provider. Thankfully, there are various PCB manufacturing equipment.

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Do They Have a Flexible PCB Technician?

If you may not know, the production of flexible printed circuit boards requires the use of an advanced manufacturing process. There are many steps involved before completing the final product, and not all PCB companies are qualified enough to manufacture high-quality flexible PCB.

Producing flexible PCB requires a skillful technician to provide high-quality flexible PCB that will function as desired. Does your potential manufacturer have in place a group of technicians with the ability to create high-quality PCB for you? If not, you better find firms with flex PCB technicians since such boards are critical to your equipment’s functionality.

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Flex Circuit Manufacturer–The Quality

Just like everything else, quality matters a lot. When it comes to flexible printed circuit boards, your first point of consideration has to be the quality of the product. You will have to choose a flex PCB manufacturer based on the standards that they are offering. The flexible printed circuit boards that you are about to purchase should possess factors such as long-term durability, high-density design, high-speed communication lines, and high conductivity, among others. If need be, you can resort to an E-test as a means of inspecting the quality of your flexible printed circuit boards.

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Certifications and Standards

The right flexible printed circuit board manufacturers strictly comply and follow UL, ISO, and IPC rules, among others. When you are in the market for the right flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, you need to ensure that they are certified and stick to some set rules and regulations.

For instance, you should pay attention to certifications such as UL 94V-0 fire-resistance certification, among others. The UL 94V-0 fire-resistance certification is something that you shouldn’t forget when purchasing flex PCB. To be on the safe side, avoid dealing with flex PCB manufacturing firms that do not provide you with conformance certificates. 

Certificate template.jpg

Ability to Produce your Flex PCB According to the Shape you Need

Flexible printed circuit boards are ideal since they can fit in plenty of applications, meaning that they come in different shapes and sizes. Does your flexible printed circuit board manufacturer able to produce circuit boards according to the form you need? Flexible printed circuit boards meant for military equipment are different from those used in the medical field. The right flex PCB makers can produce flex-PCB according to various forms or based on the customer’s needs.

uniquely shaped flexible PCB.jpg

Flex Circuit Manufacturer–Price of Flex PCB

For nearly all printed circuit boards, their production cost will vary with quality and design standards. Some factors, such as the solder mask or the base material, can change. These will go a long way into affecting the final price of the product. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between the quality and the cost before making purchases. Do not shell out even a single penny before you consider it.

Again, the right flexible printed circuit board makers are those who can reduce their manufacturing costs even by a few bucks. Although the number of layers is directly proportional to cost, the right flex PCB makers offer their clients reduced manufacturing costs.

However, if you aren’t on a budget, there’s no problem investing in high-quality flexible printed circuit boards that are known to be somewhat expensive.

Multi-layer PCB.jpg

Flex Circuit Manufacturer–Ability to Provide a Model for Successful Production

Before a company goes into full production, it needs to ensure that its printed circuit boards function as desired. Since PCB is an integral part of many electrical devices, it may be extraordinarily costly if one performs inadequately after full production.

The best flex PCB makers can provide their customers with a model to test first before rolling out the final product. With a model, the flex PCB manufacturing company will get feedback from their customers on what is right and what needs to be altered or adjusted.

You need to partner with manufacturing companies that provide flex printed circuit board models to their customers to test. While this is beneficial to the customers, the company also wins since the earlier they catch issues and problems in the model, the less costly it will be.

close up part of motherboard from laptop computer.jpg

Flex Circuit Manufacturer–Ability to Supply Multiple Types of Components

There are several types of flexible printed circuit boards that manufacturers can design based on their customers’ needs. Some of the most common ones include single-sided flexible PCB, double-sided flexible PCB, and multi-layer flexible PCB. Regardless of the type of flexible PCB that you choose to use, your manufacturer should be in a position to manufacture them with ease.

Again, based on the structure of the flexible printed circuit board, the manufacturing firm should be able to use different materials that contribute to the flexible PCB. Can your flexible PCB manufacturer supply multiple types of components? If so, then you can deal with them.

Printed flex circuit membrane.jpg

Flex Circuit Manufacturer–Flexible PCB Testing

Testing is an essential step in ensuring the functionality and integrity of flexible printed circuit boards. Failure to test flex PCB may see a manufacturing firm rolling out circuit boards that will not work as desired or fail in the long run. Printed circuit board testing helps manufacturing firms identify faults on a circuit board and correct them early.

Several different types of testing flexible PCB, such as in-circuit tests, fixtureless in-circuit tests, functional circuit tests, and boundary-scan testing. The right flexible printed circuit board maker is one with the ability to test their circuit boards before rolling them out to the market. With such tests, identifying bugs becomes possible, thereby helping flexible printed circuit board manufacturing firms save costs. Additionally, flexible written circuit board tests ensure that customers get the right products that will function without failure.

Some of the best manufacturers are those whose cycle tests aren’t too long. Short and accurate producers are those whose test cycles are quick but precise.

tests undertaken to ensure the flexible PCB is strong.jpg

China Provides the Best Value for Flex Circuit Manufacturer

If you desire to have the best flexible printed circuit boards that will function as desired, you may have to partner or source them from Chinese manufacturers. China has become the number one country in the globe that provides printed circuit board manufacturing, flexible PCB being one of them.

China towers other countries around the world when it comes to the manufacture of PCB because the country is rich in resources that support the production of electronics and features a steady economic and political environment.  Additionally, China continually strives with a resolution of wanting to convert the phrase “Made in China” to “Created in China.”

Computer video card with the label PCB Made in China. Shallow depth of field.jpg


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