PCB Manufacturing: Shenzhen and Jiangmen factories have recovered 70% of production capacity.

Components Procurement: Resume fast delivery from the United States.

Assembly Service: Both Standard and Advanced Assembly factories have resumed 100% of production capacity.

March 4th,2020

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PCB Specification Selection

* Size (single): X mm
* Quantity (single):
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*Polyimide thickness: 1mil2mil
*Min Tack/spacing: ≥3.5mil/3.5mil
*Min Hole size: No drill≥0.2mm
*Silkscreen color: BlackWhiteYellowNo
*Surface Finish: ENIG(2U'')
*Finished Copper: 0.5oz1oz
*3M tape: NoYes $10 extra

Please email to [email protected] for quotation situations below:

Total PCB area is over 0.2m2

The quantity is above 30 pcs

If you need impedance control

If you need different designs in a panel

Or if you have any special requirements.