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Happy New Year!

As the Chinese Spring Festival is coming, WellPCB Factory will have days off from Jan 18th to Feb 1st to celebrate it with family reunion.

Please arrange your order in advance. As the order volume is concentrated, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay delivery.

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*Polyimide thickness: 1mil2mil
*Min Tack/spacing: ≥3.5mil/3.5mil
*Min Hole size: No drill≥0.2mm
*Silkscreen color: BlackWhiteYellowNo
*Surface Finish: ENIG(2U'')
*Finished Copper: 0.5oz1oz
*3M tape: NoYes $10 extra

Please email to for quotation situations below:

Total PCB area is over 0.2m2

The quantity is above 30

Or if you have any special requirements.